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The Dutch patriot Geert Wilders' party reportedly now no 1 in The Netherlands

Thanks to reader Tony D who pointed me towards this tweet from Geert Wilders

Geert wilders tweet

Like Tony, my Dutch is not great, but even with the Google Translation literals you get the idea of the media report from the link on Geert's tweet.

    Geert wilders

The PVV would most seats in the House of Representatives if elections were held now.

According to a poll by Maurice de Hond on Peil.nl, the results are announced Sunday.

With 24 seats, the party of Geert Wilders one seat more than the VVD on 23 seats suits. The PvdA amounts to 18 seats in the last poll, thus the two governing parties together 41 seats. That is the lowest score since the elections in September 2012, when the parties of Diederik Samsom and Rutte together got 79 seats.

The SP would together with the VVD, the second party, the party increases according to the polls Dog to 23 seats. D66 would get 16 seats, like 50plus, which thus makes a profit of 14 seats compared to the elections in 2012.