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The Health Services Union, in fact you could have made the story up. That's what The Age did.

I published the following link to a story written by Clay Lucas and first published in The Age newspaper on Monday, 4 March 2013.

Here is a screen grab of exactly what I published, reproduced here for comment.

Hsu luke
I have withdrawn the link to The Age article and I apologise to Luke Walladge, Ms Joanna Soucek and to my readers for posting the link.

I have now made fairly extensive enquiries as to the status of the court proceedings referred to in The Age article.

I am satisfied that The Age's report is incorrect.   The Age report states that a court in West Australia has asked the Health Services Union Secretary to "pick up the tab" for a debt owed by Luke Walladge.   That assertion is false.

Without the involvement of the Health Services Union in the "story", it is unlikely that Ms Soucek would have had her proceedings against Mr Walladge reported in a metropolitan daily newspaper, or re-reported as I did here.   The attention drawn to Ms Soucek's occupation in The Age article and in my re-publishing of it was unnecessary and on the basis of my further research into the court proceedings entirely irrelevant to the debt owed by Mr Walladge to Ms Soucek.

I believe that the reference to Ms Soucek's occupation was a salacious reference, designed to draw attention to a link between a sex worker and the Health Services Union and its money.   That link is not a tenuous link.  It is not a possible link.   There simply is no link.

I am satisfied that Mr Walladge owes Ms Soucek a debt and Ms Soucek has had difficulty in recovering her money from Mr Walladge.  The Age report went much further than the Orders of the Court that heard the debt matter did.   Further steps would be required of the Court before The Age report could have been a true report.   Those further steps have not taken place and there is no evidence that Ms Asmar (the HSU Secretary) owes Mr Walladge money that might be appropriated to satisfy Mr Walladge's civil debt to Ms Soucek.

I regard The Age as a journal of record and its reports to be reliable reports of truth.   I am surprised that The Age could have reviewed the court proceedings in this matter and persist in publishing its report of 4 March, 2013.