I can see John and Wayne and Bruce and Craig and Bill and Ralph - and I can see you too through the magic windows. Thank you Miss Julia.
Craig Thomson Legal Defence Fund

A detailed timeline, 765 entries with links to important documents in The AWU Scandal UPDATED VERSION FRESH OFF THE PRESSES

Reader Newbposter has done the entire community a great service once again with this tremendously detailed Excel spreadsheet that serves as timeline, index, reference point and narrative in The AWU Scandal.

There are 765 entries appearing in chronological order - each with links to documents, often multiple documents.

If you type in Control F you'll bring up a search box - type in the text of what you're looking for (say, "Power of Attorney") and you'll be guided through each entry that refers to that topic.

Newbposter has done a truly breathtaking job.   I know that several authorities and media organisations swear by this spreadsheet.   Newbposter, on behalf of all of us, Thank You!!!!!

Download it and save it on your computer - you'll be amazed how often it comes in handy.

Download Detailed Timeline and references updated (29 April 2013)