Ex-lawyer jailed for client fraud after 2 year investigation - $500K client money gone - 3 years on the top for former mouthpiece
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Borrowed >100% for home, $118K mortgage +$20K bank loan+$40K loan from employer+pre-payment of salary,"making an arrangement" to pay $1,780 to builder - but has no memory of Bruce putting $5,000 into her account via Wayne Hem

When your former lover is implicated in a $500K cash embezzlement -  where you are the lawyer who created the documents that facilitated the fraud - where your boyfriend while you are away decides that your house should be renovated - where on your own admission you cannot rule out that embezzled money paid for those renovations - and where you are a person of interest in a Major Fraud and Extortion Squad investigation into your conduct, you should step aside as Prime Minister.

While the Prime Minister is under such a cloud concerning her integrity and suspect status in a major criminal investigation, common sense and good governance  ought dictate that she steps down until her name is cleared or she is charged.   "I did nothing wrong" is simply not good enough, Australia deserves much better.