The sums are awfully heroic on Ms Gillard's Abbotsford house - she appears to have been stretched financially
Borrowed >100% for home, $118K mortgage +$20K bank loan+$40K loan from employer+pre-payment of salary,"making an arrangement" to pay $1,780 to builder - but has no memory of Bruce putting $5,000 into her account via Wayne Hem

Ex-lawyer jailed for client fraud after 2 year investigation - $500K client money gone - 3 years on the top for former mouthpiece

Lawyer jailed for fraud
This story was sent to me by a reader on the Northern Beaches - it was published in the Manly Daily on Saturday.

$500,000 embezzled by a lawyer - 39 counts of fraud, 3 years gaol with 18 month non-parole for the felon.

Note 2 years to investigate the matters.   Complex frauds which are designed to be concealed require painstaking detective work - 2 years of  investigation in this case to unravel it and a conviction and custodial sentence was the result.

Every touch leaves its trace.