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Grace Collier - scoop of the decade - collect your award from the AFR's moral arbiter, Mr Latham

A question of credibility

Mark Latham - 14 Feb 2013 Australian Financial Review

It is now 15 days since Grace Collier wrote in these pages that Julia Gillard is under investigation by the Victorian police in the Slater & Gordon/AWU matter. If she is right, Collier has the scoop of the decade, reporting news which other media outlets have missed.

Ben Fordham, 2GB last week - reported in The Australian last weekend.

So, let me make this perfectly clear. The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, is under investigation by police. This is fact. I hadn't planned to add to what I said yesterday out of respect for the detectives on the case. But if the Prime Minister's office wants to deny she's being investigated, as has been reported last night and today, then I will once again correct that record. Now it needs to be pointed out that the Prime Minister and her office mightn't know she's being investigated. But I know it. And others do too. The detectives are investigating three individuals and one of them is Julia Gillard. Prime Minister, you may not know this, but you are currently being investigated by the Fraud and Extortion Squad of the Victoria Police Force.