Hedley Thomas on the Scandal, the PM and the Media
Good Leaders are invaluable to an organisation, Bad Leaders will destroy it


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I bet it tastes SWEET!

Enjoy, Michael and Katarina. Sauce and the rest of us are out there in the trenches, and LOVING it!


I just re-listened to the Ben Fordham interview with Julia Gillard from 7th March. At the 25 minute mark he asked her "so you were in the room when Ralph Blewitt signed the document?" And she replied rather angrily, "Absolutely, I witnessed documents properly".

Whoopsies, Julia, you just sealed your fate. The noose is tightening on the accomplice..... :-)


Mouth watering drop. That TOIL is being put to good use ;)

Wilhelmina Taylor

Came across this particular wine a few years ago on the Mid-North Coast - cheap as chips and the Shiraz is a good drink for just above $5 a bottle.

R we there yet

lol.. I knew it, hahah
You must be human.
The culprit.I blamed Napoleon.
Hahah.'I can imagine your woman likes a white on occasions.

Hope your weekend is gentle and happy. Regards sent.


Mel, it is a Sem Sav Blanc, it will be be green and have a tarty palette, but it is a great blend of wine. Keeps your tongue alert.


Mel...on second thoughts this wine is just like Gillard......acidic and tarty.


Michael, the wine should be a nice accompaniment to the fish.

Enjoy the mini-break you both deserve it.

Patience is so nice - served chilled.


Maybe we should have a bottle delivered to "The Accomplice" or would that be too subtle?


That looks like throat burning, ear burning plonk?

Instrumental Julia Gillard is obviously holding a smoking gun! How easy is that to comprehend???

Robert Turner

Has anybody else noticed the replays on Sky multiview have dropped the AWU story on this mornings Agenda programme with Chris Kenny.

Wonder have Sky been asked or told to pull the replays.

Stranger things have happened.


Enjoy your time with your family and away from this site. I like a good S/B - loved the name!!! I bet Julia, her Union buddies, S & G are frantically trying to get their stories together, so it is said in unison. Just hope there are some honest ones amongst them, and they actually tell the truth, not more lies.

I am waiting for Julia to sue Pickerig and yourself and all the others who questioned her. I wonder how long it will be before the ABC actually reports that she is under investigation?


Good to know you are enjoying a little time out Michael. A bit off topic, but couldn't help but have a laugh when I read today that the Gillard Government intended helping farmers escape their debt. Coming from the ones who have dropped Australian into the biggest debt ever, one wonders where the money will come from to help the farmers. It is all a bit of a "feel good" story & I really do wish the farmers luck in sealing a real deal - not just an election type promise.

Alice F, Brissy

Looks good Smithy, good luck to you and your princess.


Should it not be a 1992/93/94 or 95 drop?

Mark Berney

What day are you opening it Michael? And time also if you can as I'll crack one as well and raise a glass to you.


I reckon, Michael, you should put "The Accomplice' under lock and key and instead open something bubbly from France. Don't you agree, Katarina?


Smithy, I bet your well-earned bottle of Semi Cab Sauv "singing syrup" is infinitely more palatable than that other "Whine of Australia".

Jeff of FNQ

Kazz51 @ 03:51 PM

I understand that now Timmy has finished off the good wines in the Lodge & Kirribilli House cellars that Howard left behind that Julia is purchasing cheaper Australian wines, as reported in the media earlier this month, so maybe she has a few already on the shelves.


Hi Sauce,

Thanks for keeping the MSN ticking over during Michaels well deserved break.

Just an idea for alternative viewing to wile away the time until Michaels return. I know the ABC is like swearing to many here, BUT please believe me, a comedy program called The Thick of It is well worth a watch. You will find it on ABC iview. You will recognise several characters from our own gov especially McTernan. Also check out the comedy The Roast, if Jason Clare has a younger brother he could well be hosting it .


Is that a red head behind the wheel?

Erliza Gunnerbringerundun

Oooh and frosty too, just like it!

Bought a bottle today. Imagine it is rather acidic on the tongue and tart on the palate, but will open it the first mention by their ABC of the last few days revelations.

.....that should give it time to mellow.

Hey, Michael and Katarina enjoy your break with the kids.

PS and please Katarina, don't let him touch the keyboard.


Yay - "The end is nigh" Dame Phyllis Frost is in sight. PS: The glasses might have to go initally as they represent a security risk. Grab some cheap plastic ones till the clasification process is done just a helpful tip if needed. I feel fairly sure your reading this blog. Just trying to be helpful. Oh and I did nothing wrong in letting letting you know the rules in advance. Karma's a bitch.


Enjoy your time out from the site and hullo to your Princess.
Sauce has the helm and all is good on his watch. The news goes on and we are being kept in touch on the finer points as always.
As we have seen "seeker of truth" provided some interesting analysis to ponder and reflect on.
Hedley Thomas and Andrew Bolt covered the Ben Fordham interview with Julia Gillard, (March 7th 2013) which would appear to be gaining some traction, and more people hopefully will become aware of situations occurring around them.

As an aside we had friends for lunch today, the age ranges were early forties to mid seventies. All working, the latter only part time. The conversation regarding politics was clear and also short lived, but concise. They rely on MSM for their reliable overview of what is happening in the back ground. Clearly they were given different insights to follow up.
Our question is how do you make people aware across all age ranges, and aware is all we are concerned with at the moment. The resolve if possible is Monday's problem.
Michael,you and your Princess have a wonderful weekend off and will converse Monday.
Regards Fran and Neville.


Enjoy your break Michael and Katarina. Just thinking back to that Ben Fordham interview, that's the first time I've heard any interviewer press her hard over the AWU scandal, and guess what? she cracked. If only our mainstream media had done their job properly we'd have been rid of her years ago.

Cheryl Clifford

I watched Sky Agenda last night with Chris Kenny and the AWU scandal hadn't been pulled.

Enough is Enough

@martinR,I agree with you they the media have failed the public! I would love to know why, if she was on the front page with all her wrong doings, wouldn't you think it would sell more papers? I would think they must have been muscled and warned remember this country is run by the Union and how do they deal with those who don't conform?

jenni cummins

Im a bit late hope you and your family are having/had a great time, well deserved. So frustrated with the non reporting by the msm, feel like doing a pamphlet drop, fairdinkum. At least Bolt report touched on it. Michael would be great to see you on Bolt report. Really needs to be on TV. So many ppl just get their news on radio, to n from work. Sunday morning on Bolt would certainly get it out there more, cheers to you n princess, jen.


I hope the 2013 vintage is a bitter drop for Gillard and those that are not forthcoming with the truth in the AWU affair.


Michael, according to Tim Blair from the Telegraph, the ABC are recruiting for a new research and fact checking unit. The requirements are right up your ally!!

Ian Patey

A question not asked and definately not answered until a cross examination;
'Prime Minister do you believe without your valuable technical contribution as an officer of the courts that a complex entity such as the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association could have been created?
If so don't you think it reasonable for us to believe you are the sole architect of an entity criminally false in name and nature?
Knowing this, should a reasonable person believe that an officer of the court is smart enough to remain at arms length even as they by proxy of a lover involved in the entity fraud, recieve benefit from that entity.

Only a courrt will get an answer from our Prime Minister.


@ Jenstar (6.18 p.m.)

Nah Jenstar, it's Tim The Tool Man . . . notwithstanding his mega demerit points!

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