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Ralph's request

Sauce:  20:35

There are many song's associated with today that touch people in different ways.

The one embedded in my (young) head is Jimmy Barnes' "No Second Prize" that accompanied a motivational video shown to us at 1RTB.

Jane Smith hears another:



Ralph has another that I think pulls the heart strings of anyone, at any age who has any understanding of the Vietnam War.

Ralph writes:

"Would you please do something special form me 

Please Michael post an audio of the song "I was only 19" In memory of the diggers we lost.

Thanks mate."

John Schumann wrote and performed this song after hearing first hand experiences of the war from Mick Storen (his brother in-law) and about Frankie Hunt ("frankie kicked the mine the day that man kind kicked the moon")

Anyway, Ralph... of course.