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Some detailed analysis on the incorporation documentation

Sauce says...


Michael has always sought and treasured the detailed analysis and hours of  'brain time' that are provided by his readers. "Seeker of truth" has been busy looking at the incorporation documents for the AWU Reform association. This type of analysis shows the depth the detectives need to go to investigate this matter.


seeker of truth said:                            

                                Relying on the incorporation forms submitted to the WA CAC under number A1002116 then A1002203E and finally A1002262E, one can see that Julia Gillard was involved in this fraud from the time it was decided to go with an incorporated association.  These incorporation documents remained unchanged from the first attempt to lodge (A1002116) to the last attempt (A1002262E),except for the date 22nd April 1992. The original date looks like it was 1st April 1992 and has been changed to 22nd April 1992.   
Documentary evidence shows that Julia Gillard was involved in the preparation of the original incorporation documents of AWU-WRA presented for lodgement at the first attempt. She had inserted the name of the association on the Application at item 1 and had also completed part of item 2. She didn't just tidy up the original incorporation documents of the AWU-WRA to make them acceptable after they were rejected by the WA CAC, as Bruce Wilson has suggested.  They hadn't even been rejected when she made the insertions. In fact, it appears that there was nothing amiss with the incorporation documents as presented to the WA CAC. They did not need to be changed and were not changed and the incorporation documents prove this.
If you look at the Application for Incorporation of Association and the documents accompanying it (ie Draft Certificate and Rules), there are three handwritten numbers on top of the document, two of which have been ruled through (A1002116X, A1002203E.) From this we can assume that at least more than one attempt was made to incorporate the AWU-WRA using these application forms before it was lodged and registered under the number A1002262E. There has been no attempt to insert another name. The name "Australian Workers’ Union – Workplace Reform Association" has remained unchanged.
That handwritten name appears on the documents at the first attempt for lodgement. This name was written twice by Julia Gillard on the forms – it matches her handwriting, and Bruce Wilson said in his 7.30 Report interview - BRUCE WILSON: “I tried to do something to get the association established; didn't work because of some technicality. I went to her and said, "Look, can you fix it? Whatever it is that needs to be fixed." And “Simply there was some forms that needed to be filled out in a different manner. It was a bit like going and asking... for example, "This form didn't look right, that one didn't, what do we need to do?" She made the necessary changes. I told her that Ralph was going to then re-lodge the forms. She said, "Well, jeez, if that's the case I better fill this out," and that's where everyone makes a fuss now because she's got handwriting on the form. It's not a real big deal, to be honest with you.” The Western Australian newspaper’s Notice of 6 March 1992 of Intended Incorporation of AWU-WRA refers to application to apply for registration will be lodged on or after 6 April 1992.  That notice states that - ‘The Association is formed for the purpose of promoting and encouraging workplace reform for workers performing construction and maintenance work’ Whereas the Application for Incorporation document states it purpose as “Development of Changes to Work to Achieve Safe Workplaces”.
This is written in Bruce Wilson’s or Ralph Blewitt’s hand. The wording on the Notice is written in a legalese fashion and aligns itself to be words in the Rules of the Association that Julia Gillard has admitted that she prepared based on the Socialist Forum model. We can therefore assume that Julia Gillard was involved with the incorporation of the AWU-WRA right from its inception prior to the lodgment of the Notice in the Western Australian paper on 6 March 1992 and not later.  The same association application forms were used from the first attempt at lodgement which could possibly have been 1st April 1992, right through to the last attempt (stamped as lodged 23 April 1992). Note that on both the Application for Incorporation and the Draft Certificate the date has been changed by Wilson or Blewitt to read 22nd April 1992. Bruce Wilson was lying about Julia’s involvement, and we know that now.  The forms and documents were OK. The evidence shows that the forms submitted under numbers A1002116, A1002203E and A1002262E were unchanged except for the date 22nd April 1992