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The Julia doll for dogs - how a couple of small business owners are now hounded by caring feminist lefty zealots

Julia dog
I'm just so touched and quite moved that one of the owners of the Adelaide pet shop at the centre of this publicity storm trusts this website enough to write and let us all know the real background to this story - and the effects it's had on the people in their business.
Please read the whole of this post including the horrible email at the foot of the page.   Then could I ask that you drop a note of encouragement to all the staff at P and K Pets, Kevin, Donna, Linda, Naomi, Christine, Denise, Amy, Grace and Patrick.
The P and K Pets website is here.   You can send an email to them here
Here's Donna's email which I received last night - and here's a photo of Donna from the P and K website.   I've never heard of Donna or the company before this week's story and we've not spoken, thus my reaction to this lovely, trusting note out of the blue.

Hi Michael, 

I am one of the owners of P&K Pets in Stepney, I just wanted to share with you one of the emails that my partner and I have  received, to say that I was very upset by the contents is an understatement.

I am  a woman, mother and small business owner and the email that was sent was vile and personal.

To be honest we never expected the publicity this toy would receive, it was sold to us from a wholesaler as a Julia Gillard Doll 12 inch and I instantly named it Droolia and asked where Boney Abbott and KRuff were as to be fair there should have always been both. The media caught wind of it because we placed a small photo of it in our catalogue and after some very nasty emails some people complained to the Advertising causing it to flare up resulting in the opposite of what they wanted.

We advertised it after seeing Miss Gillard accept one on television and she seemed to have a laugh over it. While the media exposure has caused a boom in sales we had put the toy on special to clear it and it was basically put at cost so we certainly haven’t greatly profiteered from it. We are still honouring the sale price while others have it on Ebay for $60.00 and they are the ones that will profiteer. The wholesaler has confirmed a Tony Abbott equivalent will be in production and there will be a 10 week lead time on it.

Thank you for your time,


P&K Pets - 19 Magill Road, Stepney SA 5069

And here is an email that an apparently educated lady called Ruth O'Neill wrote to this young business lady Donna.   I see that Ruth is going to share her email on Facebook.


Dear P & K Pets 

I am writing in regard to the dog toy based on our PM. Perhaps the women in your company would prefer to give up their jobs and go back to the kitchen where a woman belongs. Possibly they may want to stop cutting their hair as women were expected in the 1960s when I grew up. Ad if they are single with a mortgage then they should relinquish this right and get married so they can buy a home.

Then they should stop voting and allow their husbands to rape them within the sanction of marriage. Their wages, if they insist on earning, would be stripped back to one third of the male wage. And if any of them are studying they need to give that place to a male as they are much more value than a woman. Please, if they smoke they must not do this in public as this unacceptable for a woman. And remember if their husband is violent or abusive then they have no choice but to put up with it as he owns them and it's his right to rule the home.

If you adhere to all these values then it's perfectly acceptable for you to sell a derogatory toy for dogs based on one of Australia highest achieving women who is an outstanding role model to girls. Clearly you and your company have no interest in women's rights and don't want to see a women achieve more than knitting a pair of booties.

I can assure you I will not be shopping at your store and I will be sharing this email on fb.

Thank you 

Ruth O'Neill

B.Ed., B.A.(Journalism), Adv.Cert.Sc.

I don't understand whatever it is with the active left that allows people to say the horrible things that Ruth has said about a young mum who's trying to get ahead in business, Donna.

And Ruth, I'd be interested to know of any way in which Ms Gillard is an outstanding role model for young girls, I don't see it.