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If you are tempted to stray from the straight and narrow - your friends might cover up for you for a while. But it always ends in a knock on the door and tears before bedtime.

The Left, staunch guardian of women's rights, fighter of misogyny, taker of umbrage, now with proof of a society ill at ease with a female leader

This is the droolia doll, sold by P and K Pets in Stepney, Adelaide, who must be cracking the champers with their media coverage across the nation!

Gillard doll for dogs

And here's the dial-a-quote from outraged feminist Dr Leslie Cannold, quoted in News Limited publications reciting these lines:

A toy dog called "Droolia Julia" with red hair and oversized breasts being sold in Adelaide shows we still can't deal with female leaders, feminist and author Leslie Cannold says.

The toy, a caricature of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, is being
sold by Stepney store P & K Pets as a "momento" (sic) of Australia's first
female PM.

Dr Cannold said the world struggled with female leaders who
were "trailblazers  ... suffering on our behalf" and that male leaders were not
subjected to the same "vicious ridicule" over their appearance.

"It's hard to look at the dog toy and not think that the person
on whom it's based is not an object of ridicule," she said.

The Droolia doll is proof we can't deal with female leaders and male leaders are not subject to the same vicious ridicule hey Dr Cannold?

Turn it up!

This was the John Howard stripper at Bob Hawke's birthday party.

John howard stripper bob hawke birthday

John howard stripper two

And here's one of the tamer representations of John Howard and George Bush.

John howard george bush
Dr Cannold, your thesis is a bit rich, don't you think?