Tony Windsor on the ABC's Radio National today on the NBN. Windsor thinks he knows more than Turnbull.
This announcement relates to an action at sea on Monday night - the ABC and our bloggers reported it yesterday morning - why the delay from the Minister?

This is from Julia Gillard's own official Facebook page. Everything you need to know about Labor's attitude to money. Now over to the ACCC.

Free.   Very few things are.   Certainly not the payments to the NBN's corrupt supplier Alcatel, or the millions to Mike Quigley, or Mike Kaiser's pay packet, or the thousands of staff at the NBN.   That all comes with a hefty price-tag.

I first saw this little promotional piece on a blog site - and frankly I thought it was a stitch-up, I didn't believe that even Gillard would publish so blatant a misleading and deceptive statement.  

I would have thought that NBN Co Ltd would come under the provisions of the Trade Practices Act and perhaps NBN Co might have a view about whether its connections are "free" or whether the costs of the entire exercise are recovered from usage fees over time.   Ads that say something is free when in fact you pay for it over time, like a free mobile phone handset, have long courted investigation from the ACCC and serious fines.   Perhaps one of our experts in the field might give us a legal opinion on this Gillard ad.

Nbn for free
Here's the link to the Gillard facebook page.