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I sacked her

It was about this time last year when Michael came to Melb to visit me. We had lunch at a great little Vietnamese rest on the corner of Bridge road and Church streets in the Melb suburb of Richmond. (probably the only time that I have shouted Michael a meal, by gosh it was cheap...LOL)

Not long into our soup, (which was a meal in its self) I rang Peter Gordon, former senior partner of Slater and Gordon. Peter Gordon an I go way back to the late 1980s where we both contributed to the save the bulldogs campaign against the then VFL. At the time the VFL were doing everything they could to relocate the Bulldogs and / or force them into a merger with another club. Peter answered my call and told me that he was in Darwin to see the Bulldogs game.

I told Peter that I was being hounded by the media to clarify certain points of my August sworn 2010 Statutory Declaration. I asked Peter what the circumstances of Gillard's departure from Slater and Gordon were and he offered this comment " I could never go on the record but I f......n sacked her". Michael was sitting right beside me. Further Peter Gordon told me to keep the pressure on Gillard's renovations because I had only scratched the surface. This discussion took place long before Gillard's exit interview was released. More reminiscing of the facts from me from time to time....

Bob Kernohan

Michael Smith News Catalystic Leverage Optimisation Device (patent pending)

Sauce says:

(disclaimer: you may need to read this post to understand the following)

Having spent 15 minute on the CEFC website reviewing their  compatible, intangible  structure. I've now been mobilised by the CEFC for the public policy outcome and realised the fully-configurable  responsive  capability associated with the up-sized  zero defect  open architecture of clean energy.

I've searched the world (google) for a possible design for the Michael Smith News Catalystic Leverage Optimisation Device (MSNCLOD). Not only have I found a design but a possible partner.

Meet Red. Red's an inventor of sorts and a real entrepreneur. I believe with his device, and say... a modest grant of $10 million from the CEFC we could  lead the way to a manufacturing and energy boom in this country. If it doesn't quite succeed, at least we'll all be on the gravy train!


Wagga bound

Sauce says:

As he mentioned yesterday, Michael is driving down to Wagga Wagga this morning. He has a few posts to get up but needs to convince his Laptop to play fair before we get to see them.

In Sauce world, Mother Sauce hit 68 yesterday and the future Mrs Sauce clocked up 34 beautiful years. Today is one eye on the blog, the other celebrating with the women in my life.

I'm also working feverously on a catalystic leverage commercialisation device to see what sort of green loan/grant we can get out of this Clean Energy Finance Corporation... stay tuned!

Catalysing and leveraging as we mobilise billions in our Greens-led, never-ending fight against reality.

I was going to make some well thought out and terribly witty comments about the $10 Billion green loans bank set up by the Gillard Government, but nothing I could write would come close to the ridiculous, meaningless claptrap that's on the $10 Billion website.

Read it and weep as the queues for the lender of last resort money form on the left!

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) will mobilise capital investment in renewable energy, low-emission technology and energy efficiency in Australia

The CEFC is a legislated $10 billion fund dedicated to investing in clean energy. Under its enabling legislation, its investment activities will be funded through a special appropriation of $2 billion to a special account every year for five years, commencing from 1 July 2013.

The CEFC's investment objectives are to catalyse and leverage an increased flow of funds for the commercialisation and deployment of Australian-based renewable energy, low emissions and energy efficiency technologies, thus preparing and positioning the Australian economy and industry for a carbon constrained world.

The CEFC will mobilise public and private sector capital and skills for this public policy outcome.

By working with private sector co-financiers, the CEFC aims to both leverage the total amount of funding available and to enhance the expertise and capacity of the financial sector to fund clean energy.

The CEFC will invest in organisations and projects using 'clean energy technologies' as well as manufacturing businesses that focus on producing the inputs required. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act 2012 excludes investment in technology for carbon capture and storage, nuclear technology or nuclear power. The CEFC will make its investment decisions independently, based on rigorous commercial assessments.