NBN Co is an independent company, off-budget, governed by an independent fiduciary board, but everything must be run by Conroy for approval
Stu of NT, poet emeritus - he phrases the things you were thinking but couldn't find the words to say

Are you not a racist? I'm not and I don't think Eddie is but let's spend a bit of time just to make sure.



Location 999 pretty much summed up how I felt earlier this morning.  I had a look at Location's comment (below), I clicked on the Barrie Cassidy link, I thought about "find and replace" the Eddie bits with Julia and Bruce, 4 and a half years etc versus 1.5 seconds, then decided to give it a miss and put my energies and your time into other things.

Now it's 9.20AM, I've just returned from driving Katarina to work and I listened to the first half hour of the morning show on one of Sydney's 2 commercial radio stations.  All Eddie Maguire, just like it was with their breakfast show.  The tone of the coverage was gleeful, enthusiastic and confident.   It's all about everyone being on the same side, Eddie's not really a racist (we all know that but just in case let me prove how well I know him) but he's really slipped up here for 1.5 seconds when he might have sounded insufficiently not racist.   It's crazy that this issue is taking up all our mind-space.   Eddie's 1.5 second King Kong comment and the opportunity it affords [insert name of commentator] to show off the superiority of their own non-racist views.

Here's Location 999's take from much earlier this morning:


Selective outrage by the Labor Goon Squad. Barry Cassidy 'Collingwood board must act on Eddie McGuire'. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-05-29/cassidy-collingwood-board-must-act-on-eddie-mcguire/4721236 But not a word from Barry about Victoria Legal Services Board acting on Slater and Gordon and the false trust ledger record.