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Michael Smith News Catalystic Leverage Optimisation Device (patent pending)

Sauce says:

(disclaimer: you may need to read this post to understand the following)

Having spent 15 minute on the CEFC website reviewing their  compatible, intangible  structure. I've now been mobilised by the CEFC for the public policy outcome and realised the fully-configurable  responsive  capability associated with the up-sized  zero defect  open architecture of clean energy.

I've searched the world (google) for a possible design for the Michael Smith News Catalystic Leverage Optimisation Device (MSNCLOD). Not only have I found a design but a possible partner.

Meet Red. Red's an inventor of sorts and a real entrepreneur. I believe with his device, and say... a modest grant of $10 million from the CEFC we could  lead the way to a manufacturing and energy boom in this country. If it doesn't quite succeed, at least we'll all be on the gravy train!