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My questions to Slater and Gordon Limited about its Trust Account Ledger

On Thursday, 8 May I wrote to

Hamish Heard
Senior Media Advisor 
485 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Here is the email.

May 8 (2 days ago)
Dear Hamish,

What is Slater and Gordon's understanding of the meaning of the term "DDep" used in its Trust Account Ledger in relation to its recorded receipt of $67,722.30 in its Trust Account on 22 March, 1993?

What does Slater and Gordon's bank statement show as the source of these funds?

What advice did Slater and Gordon receive to suggest that "Mr Ralph Blewitt" was the source of the $67,722.30?

What does Slater and Gordon now believe to be the real source of that money?  Has Slater and Gordon's Trust Account Ledger been updated to reflect that understanding?   Does Slater and Gordon continue to record that Ralph Blewitt is the genuine source of those funds?

Slater and Gordon will now be aware that the actual source of the funds processed through its Trust Account and converted into Real Property in that transaction was the AWU Workplace Reform Association, an entity incorporated pursuant to an Application to the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner prepared by your then salaried partner Julia Eileen Gillard.  The recorded principal of the entity was Ralph Blewitt, but by all accounts the person who instructed your partner was her defacto partner Bruce Morton WILSON.   Given the conflict of interest your partner had in her obligations to your client the AWU and her apparent work in favouring her defacto Bruce Wilson, what steps has Slater and Gordon taken to report what appears to be a money laundering exercise involving its Trust Account?

You may be interested to read this article published on the internet by me this day.

I telephoned Hamish today and spoke about my email.  Hamish told me that it had been referred to more senior management in Slater and Gordon.   I told Hamish that the issues at the heart of my questions were very serious and would be brought to the attention of the Legal Services Board.

I was told Slater and Gordon Limited would get back to me.   It's now nearly 7.30PM Friday night and I have no answer.