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Wagga bound

Sauce says:

As he mentioned yesterday, Michael is driving down to Wagga Wagga this morning. He has a few posts to get up but needs to convince his Laptop to play fair before we get to see them.

In Sauce world, Mother Sauce hit 68 yesterday and the future Mrs Sauce clocked up 34 beautiful years. Today is one eye on the blog, the other celebrating with the women in my life.

I'm also working feverously on a catalystic leverage commercialisation device to see what sort of green loan/grant we can get out of this Clean Energy Finance Corporation... stay tuned!


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Liz of Vic

Hello Sauce,

Congratulations with the birthday's of your ladies, take good care of them!

In regard of the loan, as long as you are convinced that your own Bank will knock you back, I reckon your chances are pretty good to get one.

BTW The race-villification buso is continuing regardless here in
Melbourne. I am starting to wonder whether I am going around the bend myself or everybody else? It started last Friday, if one takes this at day 1, it is now day 8.


I remember the early days of this blog Micheal said he would be the only one to pass all comments and I thought how sad that he could not trust anybody but himself. Now he has a wonderful team wrapped around him to help with the work load, also a magnitude of people out there that are praying for him AND the team, the Czechoslovakian Princes[Thank God for spell checker] his young fella, Bob,The Sauce and others. I leave you with this verse witch I hope encourages your team, In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can flesh do to me? Psalm 56:4 ESV

bob kernohan

Good morning trusted sauce, best wishes to mother sauce and the future Mrs sauce. You have every good reason to celebrate trusted sauce. Have a great weekend with your loved ones. Good luck with the CLC device, there seems to be an unlimited supply of the folding stuff to be had. LOL.... Have a great weekend with the kids Michael.

Bob Kernohan

Old Rooster

Ah, the sacrifice of the Blog Widow. Actually a make and mend day concentrating on the family might be good for many.

Regarding CEFC: can't some State Government make a constitutional challenge to gum up the works long enough for the Coalition to gain control of the Treasury Benches? Perhaps it might be challenged for lacking "detailed programmatic specificity". Don't have to win, just convince the HCA to issue an interim injunction.


Congratulations to all the Sauces - big and little, new and old, tasty and .......


Sauce, I'm in! You don't have to invite me to a catalysing leveraged commercialisation twice. I'll do the business case - all you have to do is ask. (Shouts ovr shoulder) ALEX, HOW MUCH WAS THAT NEW HYBRID PORCHE?

Jeff of FNQ

Bob...I hope your Bulldogs can rack up another win against Port in Darwin on Saturday night.

I believe they have had the wood on Port in recent years.



So bitter and twisted are the "scumbag" so called Independents, who are in reality Labor! They absolutely hate Liberal and evidently hate Australians too! These slippery, completely untrustworthy, self righteous "Independents" are filled with bloody rancor and are a part of the damaging rabble Labor government dictatorship!

The Independents are certainly not the solution and Liberal must wipe them like a dirty arse! The gloating, nodding, greedy Independents' adulation of treasonous, pathological liar Labor-JuLia Gillard is absolutely sickening!!

Liberal will sit it out like the rest of Australia, until relieved Australians celebrate on September 14 and finally get their bloody country back from the enemy, Labor!!

The damned self-serving lying Independents have had their damned 3 years of fun, now it is all over for them, in a very big way????

john greybeard

Congratulations to Sauceworld.


Lift your sights, Alexis! Go for the Aston Martin one-77!


Brought a laugh, not just a smile.

Spin Baby, Spin

I’ve been thinking about the defamation case where Michael interviews Ralph Blewitt here:

I think it would be worth re-visiting this in a separate post. I think there is MUCH, MUCH more to be uncovered. In other words, I smell a rat. A big rat involving Julia Gillard and Bernard Murphy if they were indeed the ones acting as lawyers in this matter.

Ralph is entitled to the file in this matter. Ralph was the client, he was the one whose name the proceedings were issued in.

My initial questions for Slater and Gordon in this matter are:

1. Who paid their bills (if any)? This can be answered by providing a copy of their Trust Account Ledger and General Account Ledger or General Account Receipts;
2. Who paid Counsel in this matter? The normal situation is for money to be held in Slater and Gordon Trust Account to pay the money. Where did the money originate from?
3. On what basis did Slater and Gordon receive instructions from Ralph Blewitt to lodge proceedings? Did they take instructions from him directly or via a third party?
4. If instructions came via a third party, on what basis was that? A Power of Attorney? An Authority to Act?
5. Who ultimately paid the Court Fees for the firm to lodge the Action in the Western Australian Court? Ralph Blewitt personally or someone else?
6. Did any of the monies to fund the action come from any Union accounts or Union related accounts like a “slush fund”?
7. If the firm received “cash”, what efforts were made by the firm to ensure that money came directly from Ralph Blewitt rather than union related accounts?

Please Ralph, if you read this, would you consider requesting the file from Slater and Gordon and releasing it into the public domain? I have a feeling there are many more questions for Julia Gillard and Bernard Murphy to answer in the manner in which they received instructions, conducted the matter and received payment of bills in this matter.

Yours in seeking the truth
Spin Baby, Spin

Up The Workers!

Keep up the good work Sauce!

(And my compliments to your condiments!).

Most of us would be just "Gillarding" if we said that we could believe the propaganda and bigoted tripe that airs instead of news on Old Jabba Oakes' Channel 9, or Mark Riley's Channel 7 or Paul Bung-Journo's Channel 10, or the A.L.P.B.C. and its' offshoot at the Soccer Broadcasting Service.

Unlike the poonce's on T.V., Michael Smith is a Master Chef who doesn't mind splashing the odd dash of Sauce about.


You are an excellent support to Smithy Sauce. Congratulations to Mother Sauce and Mrs Sauce. Mild chilli sauce is my favourite.


Ditto! Hope the ladies are being spoilt rotten. Perhaps just a little bit of your precious time would suffice in achieving that. Life is truly too short.

Michelle Two

A big Rat - How come 2 Victorian Lawyers were representing someone that lived in WA when S&G had a firm over in WA?

Que Sera

God, you're GOOD, Spin Baby.

Que Sera

A mate actually calls it Soccer before Sex.


Dear Sauce,
How very brilliant of you to have TWO Gemini ladies in your life! To Mother Sauce, and the future Mrs Sauce, happy birthdays, happy celebrations, and congratulations on finding each other!
Thankyou Sauce, have a great weekend!


Hi Geoff, I hope that my team is on the money today lol.

Off topic if I can sauce, I would appreciate you allowing this post after checking the facts with Michael

It was about this time last year when Michael came to Melb to visit me. We had lunch at a great little Vietnamese rest on the corner of Bridge road and Church streets in the Melb suburb of Richmond. (probably the only time that I have shouted Michael a meal, by gosh it was cheap...LOL

Not long into our soup, (which was a meal in its self) I rang Peter Gordon, former senior partner of Slater and Gordon. Peter Gordon an I go way back to the late 1980s where we both contributed to the save the bulldogs campaign against the then VFL. At the time the VFL were doing everything they could to relocate the Bulldogs and / or force them into a merger with another club. Peter answered my call and told me that he was in Darwin to see the Bulldogs game.

I told Peter that I was being hounded by the media to clarify certain points of my August sworn 2010 Statutory Declaration. I asked Peter what the circumstances of Gillard's departure from Slater and Gordon were and he offered this comment " I could never go on the record but I [email protected]#$n sacked her". Michael was sitting right beside me. Further Peter Gordon told me to keep the pressure on Gillard's renovations because I had only scratched the surface.

This discussion took place long before Gillard's exit interview was released. More reminiscing of the facts from me from time to time. Sauce I should have made this contribution on the main post site... Bob Kernohan


I can't think of many employers who would pony up the costs for their staff to sue each other over a work related issue.

If Wilson paid for it out of the slushie, I suppose he would try to justify that it was being used for it's secret purpose: ie. re-election as in Ralph had to stay in the position to get re-elected.

Would have helped his girlfriend look good in front of the partners bringing some more money in the door.

Spin Baby, Spin

While Michael is Wagga Bound, I found this lovely meaty piece worth viewing...

Anyone care to comment on the next "flavor of the month" the next time the PM attends one of her beloved schools? Perhaps Julia herself might like to nominate her favourite?

I mean this in a jovial way - too often people are too serious about this sort of thing, but to me this is quite funny. It's not a shoe... which could do some real damage... It's becoming some sort of kids challenge on who can lob the next sammie and what the best flavor will be...


Here's one for you sauce, it's not just an Australian problem...

Up The Workers!

It kinda' restores your faith in the younger generation.

Pelting Juliar with salami is entirely appropriate.

"Dust to dust and ashes to ashes and "baloney" to Gillard".

It's almost biblical!


Spin Baby, Spin

Thanks for that link Underminer. It's not the actual lawyer's file which will show taking of instructions in it as well... and who paid the bills...

Gillard was interviewed 11 September 1995. The house was bought in February 1993. This file goes from 22 October 1993 to 12 October 1994.

It's my belief that Slater and Gordon wouldn't have done all this work as a "freebie" for the union bosses. I am guessing one of the Union slushies paid for at the least the engagement of the barrister and paid for the filing fees, and I wonder what trace of the slushie /union fingerprints were made in the Slater and Gordon Trust Account / General Account ledgers.

I also think there will be some questions as to the method Slater and Gordon obtained instructions and who was actually "running" the matter from the client's point of view - was it Blewitt himself or does it have Wilson's hand all over it? It will go to strengthening Blewitt's case that Wilson was the main man in all of this if it was in fact Wilson running the matter on Blewitt's behalf...

Spin Baby, Spin

BTW to keep this even, I think Abbott should be presented with a "carrot and sultana" sandwich next time he visits a school ... you know... rabbit food...


Happy Birthday to the Lady Sauces. Thank you Sauce for your constant good work and diligence when Michael is having a much deserved break.


sauce.. a grant for a flux capacitor surely would help?


Wishing Mother Sauce and the future Mrs Sauce very happy birthdays. Hope you find time to spoil them both, Sauce. Have a great weekend.

R we there yet

Party Time Saucy* one ;)) That`s nice. Happy B`day 2 them ;))
Cheerful news.


It is funny how all those stupid in your face Labor/Green hacks, are vigorously pushing Euthanasia, Abortion for birth control and homosexual marriage and are somehow big supporters of Islam? Islam will not cop any of that!

Yet strangely Labor/Green really hate tolerant Christians? In moral, Islamic countries Labor/Green would not be tolerated and most probably would be murdered, beheaded because of their godless ways!

So why on earth do these stupid idiots, Labor/Green hate tolerating Christians so much for? Maybe they should all pack up their mardi gras bongoes and try live in Saudi or Palestine and see how they go there!

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