Senator Eric Abetz speech to the Australian Industry Group today - stamp out sweetheart deals and union slush funds
This is Cesar Melhem whose reward will be great in Labor Upper House Heaven

ZDNet hosted Malcolm Turnbull and Senator Stephen Conroy today in a 45 minute discussion complete with name-calling, fireworks and some substance

The fireworks went off between Turnbull and Conroy towards the end of the 45 minute session - here's how the Courier Mail saw it:

Senator Conroy said Mr Turnbull's policy of using copper lines was "the dumbest piece of public policy'' he had encountered. Mr Turnbull said the minister had been "insulting the intelligence of people'' with an un-costed, un-analysed NBN policy.

The detonation point came towards the end of the 45-minute exchange with discussion of upload speeds.Mr Turnbull sneered at Senator Conroy's ability to negotiate major commercial agreements, accusing him of bungling the $12 billion negotiations to decommission Telstra's copper telephone lines.He accused the minister of being incompetent for failing to "negotiate an option'' over the Telstra copper wire."Regretably this is the first time he'd done a commercial deal. It's a pity he cut his teeth on such a big one,'' Mr Turnbull said.Senator Conroy replied, "How did that FAI/HIH deal go Malcolm? That was a cracker.''He was referring to advice Mr Turnbull, before he had entered Parliament, gave to the former boss of the collapsed HIH Insurance company, Ray Williams. Mr Turnbull was named in a damages claim related to the collapse but was not found liable."You are so desperate that all you can do is smear people. You poor fellow. Such a grub, Stephen," Mr Turnbull replied.