One last go at analysing the Slater and Gordon enquiry into Ms Gillard's conduct and the statement that no evidence of wrong doing was found.
Unions standing up for a better life for all workers and their families, but not bosses.

Launch of David Feeney's "Augustus John Society - Women in the Background"

Julia Gillard had Emily's List, Bruce Wilson had Julia's Workplace Reform Association, Craig Thomson had Coastal Voice and today we announce David Feeney's new campaign vehicle The Augustus John Society.

Augustus John (1878-1971) was a Welsh artist who was on the cover of Time magazine in 1928.

Augustus john

He was introduced to Field Marshal Montgomery in 1944.   Montgomery said,

"Who is this chap, he drinks, he's dirty and I know there are women in the background."

Women in the background.  

The campaign slogan for Batman.  

Launch at the Club soon (mud-wrestling tbc).