UPDATED - ON IT GOES!!! I had the misfortune of listening to the ABC radio over lunchtime today. You'd think was the only issue in the country.
A lovely photo that in the circumstances needs no caption or commentary. Thanks to Michelle Two for sending the link.

Our audio editorials and interviews - 75,000 plays for one a few days ago


I have been amazed by the growing popularity of the audio editorials on our site!  

Here's a screen grab of the page that I see to edit/publish/monitor the audioboo recordings, this one from a few days ago about the Slater and Gordon/Arnold Bloch Leibler correspondence (spelling mistake and all) - the number of plays is recorded on a counter in the bottom right hand corner:

75,000 plays
More than 75,000 - for one editorial is a breathtaking number in the niche markets we operate in.

Just to give it some context - here's a link to the most recent Sydney radio ratings for survey period 3, 2013 (which ended 11 May).

And here's the Nielsen company's chart showing the average listening audience from 5.30AM to midnight for each of the stations, Monday to Sunday for all people aged 10 years old and over in Sydney - the total potential market size is given as 4.18 million:

Radio numbers sydney

And because you love them so much, here's an audioboo I recorded with the Czechoslovakian Princess when we had a sandwich together on the shores of Sydney Harbour today - I wasn't sure that I'd publish it on the blog but I just checked and "unpublished", that is just on the audioboo service, it's clicked over 4,893 listens!



I wanted a photo of the shade of nail polish Katarina refers to - closest to a foot shot I was allowed was the Princess's Shoe!

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