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$2.1million in ads for one week of The Rudd's PNG message

Here's a link to my interview with Alan Jones this morning.   Alan also spoke with Senator The Honourable George Brandis QC here and Alan's earlier editorial on the issues is here.

What's the problem that Mr Rudd says he's trying to solve on our behalf?

Are we trying to reduce our refugees intake?  No, we're increasing it from 13,500 one year ago to an official figure now of 20,000 and in Rudd's announcement that will go to 27,000.   

Are we trying to stop unlawful boat arrivals?   It seems to be the case that we are.   And why?   There are so many reasons, but none could be greater than the killings.   One person killed as a result of Prime Minister Rudd's change to "the settings" is a tragedy, now it's a tragedy multiplied by 1,300.  

But in Rudd World View people smugglers have to take responsibility for the changes Rudd made.   In his speech it's the evils of people smuggling that is the problem and it's his decisive action that will stop them.

He says that's the aim. But his actions say that being seen to stop the boats is more important, even if his actions are defeated by the evil courts, or PNG's parliament, or lady luck.  In his press conference Rudd said,

Today the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and I are announcing a major initiative to combat the scourge of people smuggling

...........this decision today is part of the Government's framework for a multilayered approach to dealing with the scourge of people smuggling, and doing so within, not outside, the legal framework of the Convention.

Because it's The Rudd, some of his time and thinking has been donated to The World to give his speech extra gravitas.   The important words here are 'I spoke with the United Nations Secretary General", words after that aren't important - seriously, look at what he said:

.........at a global level, this morning I also spoke with the United Nations Secretary-General.

I indicated that Australia will be convening an international conference of relevant transit countries and destination countries within the framework of the Refugee Convention to deliberate on how to improve current global international arrangements in two respects.

Firstly, the adequacy of processing systems and centres around the world, and as well as that, how do we best have a better arrangement for Australia, Canada, the US and other countries to deal with the resettlement burden around the world.

But it's the vulnerable victims of people smuggling that concern Mr Rudd, not the votes of electors in Australia: 

..........I want to be clear with everyone both within in Australia and Papua New Guinea that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has decided to help Australia with a problem we face, the problem of people smuggling, and Peter I thank you for that.

It's going to be expensive to help the victims of people smuggling.   Rudd doesn't say how much it will cost exactly, but he's warning us in his joint press conference.  This bit of the media session is for the PNG PM and his domestic audience as payment for being on camera:


I want to be equally clear with people in Australia and PNG that our Government is also helping Papua New Guinea deal with the problems that they face.

That's what friends are for and that's what friends do for each other, and we make no apology for that.

Australia has been PNG's strongest development partner for decades.

Earlier this week in Moresby I agreed with the Prime Minister that we would help PNG in a number of important areas.

The Prime Minister and I have also discussed the important work we can do in the area of health and hospitals.

We've agreed that Australia will now help with the redevelopment of the major referral hospital in Lae and its long term management needs.

We've agreed to fund 50:50 the reform of the Papua New Guinea university sector including next year by implementing the recommendations of the Australia-PNG education review.

We've also agreed to help PNG with the support they have sought in professional management teams in the health, education and law and order portfolios.

And Australia, Prime Minister, stands ready to assist PNG further with other development needs in the future.

Because Peter O'Neil asked, The Rudd agreed that he would pay money directly to the control of PNG officials without using AusAid to administer the way it's spent.   Genius.

Now remember this is supposed to stop the people-smugglers.   Rudd also said,

Furthermore on the question of the settlement of genuine refugees with their status having been determined in Papua New Guinea, the Australian Government, in support of the PNG Government, will provide comprehensive settlement services to ensure that these refugees can live safely and with security and in time, prosperity, within PNG.

So Rudd says Australia will pay for comprehensive settlement services.   The housing, medical, dental, education, security, transport - there's a huge list of things that people offered comprehensive settlement services will require until "in time they reach prosperity" in PNG.  We pay for everything, their travel, processing, security, repatriation, settlement in other countries, the works.

Even if the deal was a genuine Agreement negotiated as a Treaty with PNG it's likely to be used to encourage people not stop them.   The deal for someone in Pakistan who doesn't get welfare to come and deliver the tried and tested "I fear...." script is still much better than staying put.   Australia will pay for the works in a place where lots of your mates will be too.   Forever.

All of the quotes above were taken from the transcript of what our PM said at the joint press conference in Brisbane on Friday last with PNG's PM.   If people choose words poorly in those circumstances you cut them some slack - maybe some of the speech was off the cuff etc.

What follows is the sickening official statement, prepared for The Rudd and released as an official statement from the Prime Minister of Australia.   This statement is our face to the world - and Rudd has characterised it as a statement intended to stop the boats.  In other words it's intended to reach that audience, people who might get on boats.

I've printed a screen grab of the first few lines here.

Rudd lies

Put to one side Rudd's blatant lie about arrivals being sent to PNG for assessment.   Even his Arrangement document with PNG details that people will be landed in Australia for assessment with identity, health and security checks to PNG's satisfaction to be completed by Australia in Australia, before PNG takes anyone.

There's something even more malodorous than lying.   And that is the way that Rudd talks about Australia's regard for human life and our motivations for taking this action.

This man is our Prime Minister.   His words represent The Australian View to the world.

So what does Rudd say about the tragedy of people who drown when illegal asylum seeker boats sink?

Rudd says Australians have "had enough of seeing it". 

Had enough of it now thanks.  Nah, I'm sick of seeing it.

Just to make sure you see it in context, here is the exact quote:

Australians have had enough of seeing people drowning in the waters to our north.

Our country has had enough of people smugglers exploiting asylum seekers and seeing them drown on the high seas.

We are sick of watching our servicemen and women risking their lives in rescues in dangerous conditions on the high seas.

The morality of talking about so many dead people like that in so offhand a way is sickening.  We watched it happen, counted the first few dozen, did the stats, our Minister stated the official advice of a 4% known probability rate - the death toll got to 1,100 officially and we didn't feel the need to stop it.

Then something changed.   The Australian people got sick of it.   I acted decisively when The Australian People felt they had had enough of drownings.

Here is the insight into The Rudd and his horrible deceptions.  His ostensible motivation for making this sham Arrangement with PNG is to send a message to people who might be considering getting on to a boat for  the death trip.  He uses press conferences and a government advertising campaign in which $2.1M was spent on ads in the first week with lots more to come.   Ads in Australia, intended for consumption by people who might get on boats.

Immigration spokesman Sandi Logan this afternoon confirmed the first week of the Government campaign would cost a total of $2.1m.

“The minister has approved $2.1m in the first week and has not resiled from approving further spending in the following weeks,” said Logan.

“The campaign was only certified on the 19 July and went live on July 20, the research from a previous campaign informed the direction we have gone with this campaign so that it not just ethnic media.”

So his message to that community, to a family asking questions about their loved one, the son or brother or father missing at sea?   "Why did it take you so long to stop it, why did you only act now?"

The "why" question is not in the ads.   So don't look in the ads for the answer.  The "why" question is answered on the Australian Prime Minister's official website where you'll find our official statement.

"Let me be clear to you.   The people of Australia are sick of watching you guys drown.   They've had enough of seeing you pay people smugglers only to then see you drown.   It's now so bad that even though no Australian serviceman has actually died trying to rescue you, the Australian people are even sick of watching them take the risk, of dying.   Before this announcement I did not feel the responsibility to act because we weren't sick of it then.  But a line has been crossed and because we're sick of it, now is the time for action."

Rudd made the problem. In order to pander to the unpleasable and dangerously-incompetent Greens lobby, Rudd made the glittering prize of Australian residency available to people who wouldn't otherwise qualify.   It's so attractive people were prepared to risk their lives for it.   People were prepared to deal with criminal syndicates from a foreign culture and to pay big sums to those criminals for the prize.   Even with the 4% or 1 in 25 odds of dying in the quest for the prize - those people without the prize were willing to risk the boat trip and the known odds of death - why?   for the prize Rudd offered them.

Now the ads about PNG will stop them.  Threat of being killed won't.  But the ads will.  Otherwise why would The Rudd spend $2.1M in the first week?

Since it was first offered by Rudd, at least 1,100 people are officially known to have been killed in the quest for the prize.

I can't imagine how I'd feel with one death to contend with - even if I was tangentially involved.   I know blokes who've had to do it as police or military people and in a normal person it's a pretty big deal.

Now Rudd says he is taking decisive action to stop it happening.   To stop the deaths.

With a dodgy, conditional, expensive, court-challenge-generating deal to export the Australian taxpayer funded people from the 3rd world to New Guinea to spend their money.  And an ad campaign in Australia to back it up.

Here's a brief parable.   When his dad died and Kerry Packer took over, he had all his money and riches in his Bellevue Hill mansion.   Security experts said, "Mr Packer, you should secure your perimeter like your dad did, have a guard, lock the doors and get an alarm so that no one gets in without you knowing."

Can you imagine Kerry saying, "No, that was the old man's idea.   My idea is to open up all the gates, leave the money and riches in the unlocked house, turn the alarms off but put a few ads on the radio saying that if you come and take my stuff, you won't be allowed to keep it."

Kerry Packer made his millions from people who ran ads on his TV networks.  He would have loved to have taken Rudd's money on this one.   I only wish it was Rudd's money - not ours.