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A few flights, a few flight plans, paid for with free money I suppose.

Thanks to reader GE for showing us what the Manus Island shuffle looks like in flights to the end of last week:

I am sure there are many more aircraft involved, but these were three government and two other airlines planes I found involved in the Manus shuffle last week and looks like its still going.
It also clearly shows that there was a shuffle out of Curtin to make way for the seekers from Manus.
Cost of charter is a really good question, I would think you would be looking around $8,000 an hour, rule of thumb.
What people do not sometimes realise is charters also involve relocation costs.
A good example of this is below (at the bottom of this post).

VHINU looks like this


Flights one


Flights two
Here's an RAAF 737

Flights three

Flights four

Flights five

And I think you get the idea.

Reader GE goes on to explain some of the crazy costs - for example look at the Cocos to Christmas Island flight on 9 July last year listed below for more than $300,000.00

9 July there is a flight from Cocos to Christmas Island about 1 hour flight, cost is $336,735
Reason for this most probably charter has originated in say Brisbane or Sydney .
The government either just don't care about cost, or are just commercially illiterate, there would be a heap of reliable charter aircraft in and around Singapore just a stones throw from Christmas Island compared with east coast Australia.
The waste in the shuffle is unbelievable.
We laughed about this recently at a lunch, Cocos Christmas Island now holds the record for highest air fare anywhere in the world, transferring a handful of seekers at these rates makes any first class fare look like throw away change.
I sit here wondering how we can be so wasteful and stupid financially as a nation.

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