While The Rudd's fixing PNG's UNHCR dramas, could he sort cannibalism and puripuri? It's hard to explain to leftover loved-ones.
Some questions for Minister Tony Burke and his Department of Immigration about the $150 million Manus Island contract with Decmil

A lovely Arrangement brings joy - sadly some Arrangements don't last, they go off and get chucked out.

This is a beautiful arrangement.  When it arrives it smells good and it's lovely to look at.   It's sad that the arrangement will soon shrivel up and be no good to anyone.   It'll get chucked out in a few days.   Served its purpose, was lovely to look at and highly ornamental - but it was only designed to last for a few picture opportunities and to impress the visitors.

Ornamental arrangement Ornamental arrangement 2

And this is a bunch of flowers from flower arrangements online!

Flower_arrangements_send_roses_online (1)

The love and great memories this arrangement generates could last forever!

Which reminds me I had a boss once, older bloke, who was a nudist.   He came in to work very proud after the national nudist awards night.   He picked up the gong for Best Dried Arrangement.

And the moral of the story is - don't make an arrangement you can't keep.   And if it's a really solid thing and you reckon your two countries will be more than friends with benefits and no strings who want to be respected in the morning, then maybe something a bit more reliable than the casual Arrangement would be a better bet.

Like a Treaty Kev.   But you'd only do that if you actually meant to follow through.