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Bounty on the Head? Hey Jason, it's not getting to you a bit is it mate, all the Minister for Justice gun-slinging stuff?

Colonel Gadaffi had one but it wasn't Halal.

Colonel gaddafi had one

Osama qualified for a very short life-time supply before he got a few 9mm perforations.

Osama bounty

Apparently a lot of good ole boys have heard the news that our very own Justice Minister from Central Casting has put a $200,000 bounty on the heads of selected local people smugglers and probably peg-legged pirates with hook hands and eye patches too.   Reality TV shows are planned with you Jason Clare, as the tough talkin' Justice Minister with the snappy catch phrase (tenders currently let to procure one), the faraway look in those justice seekin' eyes and the permanently knitted brow that comes from trying to understand what your PM Kevin just said.

Jason bounty head
(Can I switch the siren on please?   Awesome!  I love the operational stuff.)

Dog the Bounty Hunter is on his way in answer to the $200,000 call to appear in front of the Minister from Central Casting as he brings in the head that's got a bounty on it to exchange for cash and he's not here to go home without some Jason Clare Justice Minister action moves!

Dog the bounty hunter

For the rest of us who live in pre-Ministerial-swagger Australia, I swear to you that this "bounty on the head" ministerial media release from the Minister for Justice from Central Casting is absolutely legitimate.   His phrase "bounty on the head" means different things to different people - you should be careful what you wish for Minister, there are still some Wanted, xxxxx or Alive jurisdictions around you know.   You did make it clear didn't you?   Duty of care and all that boring paperworky stuff you know.

Thankfully Australia's professional police forces are unmoved by the language of Hollywood.   Theirs is the language of sober process and procedure, eschewing the Bounties on the Head of the dilletante class.

$200,000 bounty on the head of local people smugglers

21 July 2013

Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Justice Jason Clare today announced that the Australian Federal Police will pay rewards of up to $200,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of people organising people smuggling ventures to Australia.

There are criminals in Australia that are part of international people smuggling syndicates. These syndicates stretch from Australia to Indonesia and to places like Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq.

Australian based people smugglers help to organise passengers, collect payments and transfer money overseas.

“These people are peddling in misery and death. We need to shut this market down. That’s why we are putting a bounty on their heads.” Mr Clare said.

“We have taken the product they are selling off the shelves, we also need to lock these people up.”

“If you provide police with the information we need to lock people smugglers up you will receive up to $200,000.”

The AFP currently has more than 60 members focused on combatting people smuggling into Australia.

“There’s not one syndicate, there’s numerous and the commodity in this case, unfortunately, are human beings.” Australian Federal Police assistant Commissioner Ramzi Jabbour said.

The community has a vital role to play in helping police arrest people smugglers operating out of Australia.

Anyone who provides information that contributes to the successful arrest and prosecution of Australian based people smugglers will be eligible for a cash reward of up to $200,000.

Prosecutions can be against organisers of people smuggling ventures into Australia, or people providing support and assistance to them.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The penalty for people smuggling offences in Australia is up to 20 years in jail.

Media contact: Minister Clare’s office - 02 6277 7290 

And yes, many, many applicants are sending in photos of the 45,000 smuggled people under his changes man, The Rudd.