"livin' next door to Alice" redux Ruddman style. The Rudd in "Being outsourced to Manus"
Here's Steve Karras who pops up as Acting Regional Manager for Christmas Island when the media needs massaging.

Chris Bowen at Tax Evasion conference in Moscow - seen here protecting his assets

Here is a link to the English Language version of the Moscow Times newspaper, Russia 22 July, 2013.

Chris bowen protecting his assets

This photograph desperately needs a few captions.

"They said we'd get photos with Obama and I end up with this guy from Austria".

"No Bill, there's nothing to learn here, it's about stopping it"

"She really likes you."  "Shut up." 

"Where's that Russian Treasurer who was doing the Sabre Dance on the voddies last night?"

You can top those efforts!!!!!!!