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Come quick, there's trouble at mill!

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A Brooklyn-based crane company owned by prominent debt collector Mick Gatto and business partner Matt Tomas is on the brink of collapse after failing to pay its own debts to a subcontractor.

The looming insolvency comes as Fairfax Media revealed on the weekend that a secret recording of Mr Tomas providing assistance to Victoria Police as part of a murder investigation has been leaked to dozens of figures in Melbourne’s underworld.

Elite Cranes faces a liquidation order in the Supreme Court next month over the failure to settle a $67,057 debt with another crane-hire company APAC Cranes.

In October last year, the Magistrates Court ruled that Elite Cranes owed the money to creditors of APAC Cranes, which was placed into administration in 2011 with debts of more than $1 million, according to documents lodged with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

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Mick and matt
(conspicuously bulgy Mick Gatto and Matt Thomas, no photographer credit, wonder why?)


A covert recording of a conversation between gangland figure Matt Tomas and detectives from Victoria Police's Purana taskforce about a sensitive murder investigation has been leaked to Melbourne's underworld, including members of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Mr Tomas, who is a business partner of Mick Gatto, is understood to have provided information that could assist police during the discussion, which was taped by a concealed recording device.

Some names and details from the conversation had been deleted in the 35-minute tape, which has been widely circulated among criminals and associates of Mr Tomas in the past few days. Mr Tomas is believed to be fearful of another attempt on his life and has been advised by at least one associate to take his family overseas immediately.

A source with specific knowledge of the tape said Mr Tomas had been ''hung out to dry'' and estimated more than 50 people had heard the conversation, including members of at least two bikie gangs.

Mr Gatto confirmed he was aware of the tape. He said it was a ''hell of a lot more'' than 50 people who had access to the recordings. He declined to speak on behalf of Mr Tomas, who did not respond to several requests for comment from Fairfax Media. ''We've been mates for a long time but it's not my job to defend him. I'm busy enough defending myself,'' Mr Gatto said.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said the force was aware that copies of the tape had been passed around Melbourne's underworld.

''This recording was relevant to a matter before the court and was handed over to the defence by investigators in response to a subpoena granted by the court. It is not uncommon for material subject to a subpoena and handed over lawfully, to then be circulated within the criminal community,'' the police spokeswoman said.

She denied Mr Tomas had assisted police with their investigation. ''It is important we make clear the person was unco-operative with police and would not supply a statement relating to the matter,'' the spokeswoman said.

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