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Constitutional protection against invasion, Section 119 - drafted before the boat-borne Invasion of the Louis Vuitton Luggage Owners

This is our constitution in its original form - as a bill of the British Parliament.

Here's the front page.

Constitution original

Smart people put our Constitution together - they had a bit of foresight back in 1900.

The States, or Colonies as they were, decided that the Commonwealth Government should have the defence responsibility.

And so each state made sure the responsibility of the newly established Commonwealth Government was recorded and its duty made clear and explicit.   It's one of the clearest pieces of legislation you'll read in a long time.

Section 119 of our Constitution says "The Commonwealth shall protect every state against invasion."

Constitution original invasion
It hasn't changed.   Still there.  You'll find it at the AUSTLII legislation website here.


So rather than encourage invasion, we got a Constitution that says the people we put in to head the Commonwealth Government shall (shall is a legal term not generally thought to be open to much interpretation) protect us against invasion.

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