Boat leaves Indonesian port. RAN protects AUST border. Boat goes back to port. Diplomatic problem?
Boy meets girl, girl gets boy's number, boy promises to get tattoo of girl - until Kevin came back into his life.

Every bent coal mine owner with union roots and their media mates have known for months the ICAC's reports are due soon. Unlike ICAC, The Rudd's "30 day corruption blaster" needs no media to feed it.

Kevin Rudd has discovered corruption in NSW Labor and you know something?   The Rudd is going to fix it.

I hear you, "Isn't there an Independent Commission Against Corruption in NSW which has investigated colourful Labor identities at a cost of millions?   Isn't Commissioner David Ipp about to hand down his reports into Eddie Obeid, The Left Testicle, Eric Roozendaal, unnaturally wealthy coal-mine owners with union roots, A Prostitute Named Tiffanie, Lucky Gattellari and other Labor and affiliated colourful identities?"

You are partly right, Commissioner Ipp may have covered some of the ground that The Rudd is showing leadership on.   But unlike The Rudd who has instincts, the ICAC has been restricted to basing its findings on hundreds of days of evidence, taped phone calls, hundreds of exhibits and the sworn evidence of witnesses cross examined in the Commission after being compelled to attend.  

Commissioner Ipp does not have the timing flexibility that The Rudd has in choosing the timing to deploy The Rudd 30 day Action Plan for Zero Tolerance of Corruption.

Because you know something? Every two-bit-bent-branch-stacker with a media officer has known for months that the ICAC reports are due out soon.   The ICAC website even has a media centre - which says a lot about the ICAC and its priorities.

Unlike the ICAC, The Rudd is not interested in media coverage.  The media is a distraction to The Rudd's core business of rooting out corruption and choosing the fonts for the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities.

So Commissioner Ipp can have his telephone intercepts and his due date of July 31 to report his findings on Jasper, as well as Operation Indus, in which former roads minister Eric Roozendaal denied allegations Mr Obeid's family gave him a $10,400 discount on a Honda in return for favours.

And he can wait until August to deliver findings on Operation Acacia, which probed a coal exploration licence granted by Mr Macdonald to a company run by ex-union boss John Maitland and entrepreneurs.

And he can telegraph his punches about his report on an older inquiry, Jarilo, which heard allegations ex-boxer Lucky Gattellari and accused murderer Ron Medich offered Mr Macdonald rewards or inducements - including the services of a prostitute called Tiffanie - to arrange meetings with state energy executives.

And think again if you think The Rudd is influenced by the 50 charges of fraud and cheating and copping a $600,000 proceeds of crime sling that the former President of the Labor Party Michael Williamson is facing and its coverage in the Hate Media.

Or the 170+ fraud charges against Williamson's protege Craig Thomson as they get read out in the courts in Melbourne.

The Rudd will let Victoria Police have all the search warrants on Slater and Gordon and the AWU, the teams of detectives working for 7 months, the sham entities, sham invoices, slush funds and other people's money that funded Julia Gillard's man and his AWU Branch Secretary lifestyle in the 90s.  And he'll let Craig Thomson recommend the best cheap eats and pubs for interstate detectives attending the NSW mid coastal region for the purpose of a chat with an offender and a look around.

No, The Rudd is revolted by corruption.  Not by media coverage of corruption during an election campaign, but by the very putrid stench of corruption that no one knew about till they read it in the paper now.  Not on the coffee table at Eddie Obeid's chalet at the snow.

And The Rudd promises you this, with a deadline you can hold him to.  There will be no tolerance for corrupt MPs whose seat won't affect the balance of power in a government I lead.