The Deputy Prime Minister, photographed one hour visit to a Thai massage provider operating an unlicensed Sex Services Premises in his electorate
China's courts rule on what the new Macquarie dictionary calls "An Albo", the activity previously known as the "happy ending". It's therapeutic, not prostitution.

Greatest Moral Challenge of our Time - Avoiding Responsibility (culpability actually)

Traffic fines and penalties are designed to stop dangerous behaviour in motor cars.

What responsible government would take away all the fines, enforcement, offences, penalties and remove any impediment to say, speeding as you wish?

Many motorists would exploit the absence of checks and balances and would do dangerous things.   Predictably, people would die.

We had a comprehensive system of checks and inhibitions designed to stop dangerous journeys by boat to Australia.

What responsible government would take away the temporary visas, the Nauru solution, the enforcement of our maritime border by quietly turning boats around?  

Many illegal centrelink seekers would exploit the absence of impediments and would make that journey to Australia.

Predictably, people would die.   And have.   Many more than 1,000 people who suffered the greatest existential challenge of their time.

Great moral challenge of our time