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Constitutional protection against invasion, Section 119 - drafted before the boat-borne Invasion of the Louis Vuitton Luggage Owners

Here's Steve Karras who pops up as Acting Regional Manager for Christmas Island when the media needs massaging.

This is a video from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.   It shows people who have just arrived at Christmas Island reacting to the news that they will be going to PNG to be processed.   Soon.   Definitely.   No questions about it.

The video was distributed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.  Here is the version shown by The Australian newspaper on its website.

Just over 12 months ago I visited Christmas Island Detention Centre with former defence minister Peter Reith and the candidate formerly known as Angry (Gary to his mum) Anderson.


Steve Karras was at Christmas Island then too.   I also met the bloke who actually runs the show, his name recorded in my note book at the time as Joe Feld, Regional Manager, Christmas Island.

I can remember Steve Karras introducing himself as an acting manager for Christmas Island which seemed strange with the real one, Joe Feld there.  Steve Karras chaperoned us, showed us around, followed us everywhere and presented as part of the Christmas Island staff in the uniform worn at the detention centre.   Until under some pretty good questioning from a suspicious Peter Reith, Steve Karras admitted he was from the Department headquarters in Canberra and that he was a lawyer sent over for the purpose of "guiding" us around.

The 4 men in our group, me, Angry, Peter Reith and former Commonwealth Ombudsman Allen Asher were due to go to the main detention centre for a visit guided by Steve Karras when word filtered back from Canberra that Allen would not be permitted to enter.

Allen had been responsible for investigating complaints made by asylum seekers in his job as Commonwealth Ombudsman and was black-banned.  Steve Karras delivered the news.

Now that boat people and Christmas Island are featuring in government policy again, it's fascinating to see good old Steve Karras pop up again as the acting regional manager for Christmas Island (from Canberra).   Keep watching those frequent flyer points guys!

I spoke with Peter Reith earlier tonight.