Constitutional protection against invasion, Section 119 - drafted before the boat-borne Invasion of the Louis Vuitton Luggage Owners
Would you recognise the signs of an abusive relationship? If you know a country that's in one, tell her to leave him.

I'm pretty sure the smiling bloke with the machete said, "Kevin Long Pig, Problem belong 'im You."


I know of the fondess that His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales feels for the people of Papua New Guinea and that he speaks pidgin.

I wrote a letter to His Royal Highness at Clarence House this morning and sent it by email.

I've asked His Royal Highness to have a look at the video and perhaps he might find it in his schedule to send a word or two of comfort to those in Her Majesty's Realm to our equitorial north.

Something along the lines of "Kevin won't be around long enough to do to you what he's done to them".