The blame game started when Canberra jumped into state responsibilities like hospitals and schools. Don't let them double up on rubbish collection and development approvals.
Findings in the killing of Rueben Barnes, 16, Matthew James Fuller, 25 and Mitchell Scott Sweeney who were killed while helping Australia avoid the global financial crisis

Julia Gillard's satisfaction and 2UE's radio ratings bear uncanny correlation

2UE backed Gillard's interests over Bob Kernohan's.  Shareholders must be thrilled with management's wisdom.

Ray Hadley remains the leader in the mornings timeslot.   His ratings move around a bit but he is still the leader by 6 clear points to the ABC morning show.   This ratings period Ray's ratings dropped a bit.   The amount that Ray dropped while still retaining market leadership by a long margin, is greater than the total of Paul Murray on 2UE's entire ratings audience.

The greatest, saddest insult to that once great Sydney institution is its irrelevance.  It's not even mentioned in media reports about the battles being fought by others in Sydney radio.

2UE is internally focussed on generating synergies within the Fairfax media group with the multi-title platform independent content generators who are uniquely place to meet the needs of a new generation of platform agnostic device independent media consumers who tell us they value the immediacy of our blah blah blah.

Talk radio is about people.  As Sydney comes to know say Ben Fordham, to see him in a range of circumstances and to sense the consistency and genuineness he brings to the role, so his ratings grow.   That is why he is leading his timeslot.

People in Sydney do not care whether Fairfax meets its management KPI triggers for bonus payments on the achievement of the internal cost reduction and synergy generation in the Annual Plan.   They want great radio.

This is what you do when access is important -

This is putting your listeners first.

These ratings numbers express Sydney's view.

Sydney radio ratings survey 4 2013

 Let me add here, just to repeat what I've often written about on this site.   One of the most difficult jobs in the Australian media at present is to attend work every day as the sole conservative working on a radio station that is being integrated with the Sydney Morning Herald and like titles.

Jason Morrison is one of the nation's great newsmen and he's a fantastic, successful talk-back radio host, well known to Sydney.   I've never seen Jason compromise his integrity to meet another person's (ie a manager's) interests.   He is the real deal and I am proud to call him my friend.

The successful news/talk radio stations that operate without taxpayer funds share certain characteristics that 2UE doesn't have.   Jason Morrison knows the caper and is very successful in it - however while people select and watch TV shows, they tend to listen and stick to radio stations.   Jason's working for bosses who don't get it.

I hope he ends up somewhere soon where they do.