International relations on a wing and a prayer, hopefully.
My son's body was covered in burns from cigarettes, he was one of 600,000 orphans in Burundi when I adopted him. Aussie mum.

Keep Calm and Hide Money - Asylum Seeker Accessory T-Shirt - Just for a reminder


Shaz237 2
(Chuck passport, hide money.   Don't mix it up.   Write it down somewhere - chuck passport, hide money.   And try to stay calm.  Seriously.)

Shaz237 3

(Refugees from DFO.   One security check completed. She's been good. TShirt proves it.)

Shazz 237 1
(Synchronise watches men, if we get separated, see you at the RV point.   Tally-ho.)

Shaz 237 4
(I told you it would float, ever since they got the EPassport scheme.   Didn't you use the E-Lane at Jakarta)