Fiji's Foreign Minister in a speech today in Brisbane about The Rudd Arrangement
The Australian's editorial - Suffer the Little Children

Little coffins that should never have been used

It's taken me until now to post Colin Murty's photo of a little 10 week old boy being loaded into the cargo hold of an aeroplane inside his little coffin.

My heart goes out to the man who got that job.

It's a difficult topic often avoided.   I should be ashamed of myself for writing "difficult topic", it's not what I meant, so I'll try again.   When your policy change kills a little baby who would otherwise be happily drinking his mum's breast milk you should fix things up so it can't happen again.  Mr Rudd.

Colin murty's shot

I carried my daughter Lucy in a white coffin on my lap in the back seat of our car, while her Uncle Duncan drove Lucy, her mum and me from our church in Pomona to the crematorium.

Some things stay with you for life.   There's that word again.   Life.