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Mark Dreyfus QC and Tanya Plibersek handing out more borrowed money today

A diagnosis of HIV or progression to the active AIDS used to be considered a terminal disease which would often lead to an early death.   But that was very long time ago.

Here's the latest advice I could find about HIV/AIDS, this is from the UK

The prognosis of people with HIV is getting better

Most HIV doctors are now hopeful that the right treatment and care can mean that a person with HIV in the UK will live a more or less normal lifespan.

Researchers calculated in 2008 that modern HIV treatment would mean that many people with HIV will be able to live well into their 70s.

There is growing agreement that most people with HIV in the UK will die with HIV not of HIV.

Why is prognosis improving?

The simple answer is that potent HIV treatment became available. The amount of illness and death caused by HIV has fallen dramatically since powerful combinations of anti-HIV drugs became available in 1996.

Doctors have also become skilled at treating the infections that people with HIV can be vulnerable to.

I was surprised firstly to hear that in Sydney we need a specialist legal centre for people living with HIV/AIDS, and secondly to hear that it doesn't have enough money and thus it needs the extra grant that Plibersek and Dreyfuss are going to drop over today.

This isn't medical funding, or research for a cure.   It's free legal services.

Here's what the HIV/AIDS Legal Centre says about itself

About HALC

The HIV/AIDS Legal Centre is a specialist community legal centre funded to provide free legal services and advice to people with HIV-related legal matters.

We also provide community legal education and advocate for the reform of laws and the legal system in areas that affect people living with HIV.






Minister for Emergency Management

Special Minister of State

Minister for the Public Service and Integrity


Minister for Health

Minister for Medical Research

Member for Sydney


Coat of arms


30 July 2013


Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus QC and the Minister for Health and Medical Research and Member for Sydney Tanya Plibersek will be in Sydney TODAY and will announce new funding for the HIV/AIDS Legal Centre. 


When:                         9:15am, Tuesday 30 July, 2013


Where:                        HIV/AIDS Legal Centre

Level 5

414 Elizabeth Street

Surry Hills