At least 5 birds affected by maritime oil spill. 4 pelicans.
Stepping in with temporary borrowings in March, 2009. 5 budgets since then temporary PM.

On 8 August, 2013 we mark 5 years since The Rudd abolition of Temporary Protection Visas

On 8 August, 2008, The Rudd abolished temporary protection visas, "All current and future applicants for protection in Australia are eligible for the grant of a Permanent Protection Visa..."

What a nice guy.   Get here and it's open slather for the rest of the family and lifetime benefits in Australia.

Abolition temporary, create permanent

Here is the Australian Parliamentary Library Report "Boat Arrivals since 1976"

This graph has not been updated since 2011/12 FY - but you get the point.   We're already over 22,000 for 2013 and the scale here only goes up to 8,000.

Boat arrivals 2008
Here are the raw numbers

Boat chart

Now Rudd tells the world that

"Arriving in Australia by boat means:

  • being sent straight to Papua New Guinea for processing"

He also says that being sent to Papua New Guinea includes "women and children". 

Both are bulltish.  No wonder people smugglers love him, he's created a $450M industry for them.

This is from me at 4BC a few weeks after The Rudd's August, 2008 changes.   I quote Indonesia's Director General of  Immigration who said the policy would give more opportunity for people smugglers and Peter Faris QC, former head of the National Crime Authority.   

You should have listened Kevin.

4bc 8oct 2008