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Sam Dastyari (NSW Labor) and his email to Labor faithful - and Kevin Rudd's letter to Dastyari saying Labor mates will take over the running of Labor Mate Central

This is an email from Sam Dastyari to the party faithful today.

Subject: Announcement on reform

Dear XXXX,

Later on today, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will announce a significant package of reforms which will see NSW Labor implement the highest political governance standards of any political party across Australia.
The package will be released in more detail this afternoon.
As the Party rules cannot be altered without holding a Conference in NSW, the rules will be changed by the Federal Executive of the Labor Party on behalf of the NSW Branch and ratified at the next NSW Labor Annual State Conference.

It's time for the Labor Party to focus on the future and not the past, and this is what these changes do.
I'm confident that the thousands of members of the Labor Party who have been waiting for the reform process to move forward will be very happy with the changes being made.
I will email you later today with further details. 
Yours sincerely,
Sam Dastyari
NSW Labor General Secretary

And here is Kevin Rudd's letter to Sam.

Rudd 1
Rudd 2
Rudd 3
Rudd 4
Rudd 5