UPDATE - Andrew Bolt reports AMSA confirms 104 POB - No interceptions, no boats since Sunday?
Shadow Immigration Minister Scott Morrison - Albanese Register of Interests among other things


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This is the same audio that you posted earlier, with no mention of women or children. Maybe the wrong audio file got accidentally uploaded.

God bless.

Wendy brown

just watch the lies when his Osama
Attack dogs get going they recon
one can hack a site in seconds and put
posts up by the time they finish
we will be lying there never was
a Christmas island or any boats
arriving All Lies. the fights just
starting Hope we can come
out with the win over this evil


Thanks for the update. Great to hear that everyone is safe and hope they have a safe and peaceful life in Papua New Guinea. Hope Sharon can continue doing the Lord's work by sending some photos to help humanise refugees.

God bless.

Allan Cox

Without you and Shaz 'we, the people' would not know what is going on at CI; the guvmen certainly ain't saying anything about these recent arrivals.

Shaz, you are doing a tremendous job, thank you.

Jeff of FNQ

Clare has just issued a media release stating HMAS Maryborough rendered assistance to a vessel, with 104 POB, north of Christmas Island yesterday.


"Time now is 2.43 pm Eastern Standard; that's 1.43 [p.m.] on the island".

Don't you mean 11.43 am on the island? Christmas Island Time is UTC+7 -- in other words, 3 hours behind AEST / 2½ hours behind ACST / 1 hour behind AWST.

Flying Tiger Comics

Does being passive aggressive for the ALP pay well?

Good to know krudd is threatened enough by MSNews to have a blimp permanently anchored here.

Margie 47

Michael, your session on 2GB will bring even more to your blog and that means more will see Sharon's photos. Excellent work by you both.
Who owns 2GB. Have they got the strength to withstand political pressure?
Sharon might come under pressure on Christmas Is.


Australia's Not Australia Anymore


Jeff of FNQ

ACV Triton appears to be on the move again.

Jane Smith

(He's doing it again! We have a team of analysts at the ready...)


If this keeps up you'll have to put Shaz on a stipend as your "Northern Correspondent" :-)


''Shifty characters on deck?''
Did they pick up the Labor Cabinet?

Mick Gold Coast QLD

It's vital work Hoax, I know. Do they give you RDO's?

Mick Gold Coast QLD

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk - too true!

seeker of truth

Thanks Sharon for keeping the bastards honest. The truth can't be hidden with your first hand observations and it forces Minister Jason Clare to make a media release on arrivals that is not timed to his liking. Keep going girl. We love your work.


psst .. is it because no one else is talking to him ?
(Lets leave him in peace )

old bill

'Sharon might come under pressure on Christmas Isl'.

You are absolutely right. If Rudd wants to pretend (until the election) that his PNG deal is working and slowing the boats, then a news black-out on all boats is necessary.
The appropriate government department can be told to not report anything, but Sharon reporting from the frontline
that the boat arrivals are continuing will have to be stopped. With this deceitful, desperate Rudd anything is possible. Take care Sharon.


Looks like it's replenishment time at Christmas Island


A tanker and cargo ship in the vicinity of Flying Fish Cove.

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