Official photos released by Tony Burke's Dept of Immigration of the results of a disturbance.
While The Rudd's fixing PNG's UNHCR dramas, could he sort cannibalism and puripuri? It's hard to explain to leftover loved-ones.

So PNG's ratified the UN Refugee Convention hey? Yeah, but with 7 exclusions - just minor matters like freedom of movement

Kev's Arrangement with PNG is contingent on PNG withdrawing the 7 Reservations (ie diplomatic speech for exclusions) to PNG's acceptance of the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees.   Under the Rudd Recipe for Tribal Conflict, PNG will withdraw its Reservations to the 7 Articles of the Convention that give rights to refugees - but only in respect of the Kevin Chosen People, ie only for people who get transported to PNG under the Kev Special Deal.   The reservations stay in place for Melanesians and in particular for the people who flee the Javanese Muslims in the TNI who have taken an interest in the timber and mining wealth in the jungles of West Papua or Irian Jaya.   Likewise other Melanesians - they don't get the refugee benefits accorded Kev's Special People.   And what are they?   Oh, education, freedom of movement, housing - not stuff that would make them jealous or inclined to forcible remonstration.