Some share purchaser with uncanny timing made $500 grand on the PNG Resettlement Arrangement
Time for a mid-afternoon lift!! Jock Tamson Bairns who even gets the 45 record sound onto youtube.

Some fair dinkum refugees who could do with a bit of protection from Jihad and its ravages

Thanks to the couple of readers who suggested we post some photos to balance the thoughts generated by the Clients enforcing their rights to your stuff at Christmas Island.

If you're a mum with children living in Mogadishu would be unthinkable.  6 car bombs per day, non-stop automatic weapons fire 24 hours every day, there was always gunfire (or Mogadishu music) when I was there about a year ago.

Here's a mum with her little baby at the baby health centre. 441

This was the the sort of protection we needed to visit the baby health centre.

Locals live all the time with the threat of car and truck bombs.  When we were hemmed in once I thought it was goodnight nurse, hello Jesus.   For the people who live there it's constant.


And everywhere we went we at least had the chance of getting a few rounds off in answer, local women have nothing.

The safer bits of town look like this.

And essential infrastructure like the airport looks like this.

This is where you go to have your heart broken.   Dolo, on the corner of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.  Desert views as far as the eye can see.   And hundreds of thousands of people under canvas.

It's hard to imagine $60 Million worth of damage being done here.


It's very hard to know that nose job, roid rage, casanova, and the bad attitude collective are getting the red carpet treatment all the way.

This little angel had never been in a car before.  She'd been walking with her mum for 5 days.  They buried her brother on the track.

And after 5 days hoofing it with mum, their new home! 748

Should make anyone associated with the Green Light for the Entitled on Boats ashamed.