Some questions for Minister Tony Burke and his Department of Immigration about the $150 million Manus Island contract with Decmil
Bounty on the Head? Hey Jason, it's not getting to you a bit is it mate, all the Minister for Justice gun-slinging stuff?

Some great Aussies live on Christmas Island. Meet a dead-set patriot, Shaz with the telephoto lens.

Shaz calls Christmas Island home.   She loves her life there and she loves her country.   It breaks her heart to see us being used.   Breaks mine too when I think of a little boy alone in a desert camp in Ethiopia.

These are some of the attitudes who've clicked their fingers at us for a bit of service of late.   And Christmas Island resident Shaz was there to record the moments when our new clients chose us to serve them.   It's amazing what a length of time spent in earnest avoidance of circumstances of extreme persecution can do to the physique, changes in physiology that were not observed prior to the easy availability of persecution-avoiding-steroids.

Shaz Chrissie 1
Shaz chrissie 2
Shaz chrissie 3
Shaz chrissie 4

This hot to trot chick magnet ready to do battle with any and all husbands particularly attracted Shaz's attention.   Fear For Your Wife man has arrived with a message!   But the one he received apparently did not meet with the Love Muscle's approval -  news that he had arrived after the PNG announcement was not on the itinerary and apparently Casanova put his case quite forcefully for special treatment.  Time will tell!

Shaz chrissie 5 smartarse