Sam Dastyari (NSW Labor) and his email to Labor faithful - and Kevin Rudd's letter to Dastyari saying Labor mates will take over the running of Labor Mate Central
Julia Gillard's satisfaction and 2UE's radio ratings bear uncanny correlation

The blame game started when Canberra jumped into state responsibilities like hospitals and schools. Don't let them double up on rubbish collection and development approvals.

Simpler is better.   Local responsibility to local communities is better than handing over remote control.   The instinct of the libertarian conservative is towards local, personal responsiblity.   The controllers who want to run other people's lives reflexively move to centralised bureaucracies.

Don't allow Canberra to recognise and establish direct relationships with local councils.   Take control of your local community.  Make your own decisions.   Don't let Canberra start to do to kerbs and gutters what it's done to Pink Batts, health bureaucracies or high-speed economy transforming fast youtube videos.

I agree with Tim Wilson who explains perfectly.