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Greatest Moral Challenge of our Time - Avoiding Responsibility (culpability actually)

The Deputy Prime Minister, photographed one hour visit to a Thai massage provider operating an unlicensed Sex Services Premises in his electorate

Wayne dropped me an email yesterday afternoon,

Hi Michael,

Now that Albanese is Deputy PM, I can’t believe no media outlets are interested in him visiting the massage parlour in his electorate that specialises in sexual services. If TA or any other senior coalition MP had done that, the Labor party and media would be all over them.

 What do you reckon?


Thanks Wayne.   I think that the judgement of the Deputy Prime Minister is a very important factor that we should be aware of.    The Press Gallery journalists in Canberra have a responsibility to report matters of importance.   It concerns me that a collective judgement was exercised on "Albo" and the story was never reported in the mainstream.

The Deputy PM and his wife are on big money, they're both prominent people in the Marrickville area, on a Friday afternoon the now Deputy PM enters and remains for one hour in a business that is the subject of many hundred Parlour Pages and Australian XXX Reviews of the sexual prowess and services provided within that place.

Further the business is operating unlawfully, our forensic investigator attended and was offered sexual services or payment without him prompting.   The manner of his attendance and the way he recorded evidence was designed for admissibility in a court of law. The premises are not licenced to provide sexual services.

At the least Albanese has made himself a laughing stock.   Australian politicians who do stupid things like Albanese's visit to the Thai illegal brothel in his electorate one Friday afternoon (but only for a therapeutic massage) tend to get the mickey taken out of them for a long time.   Lapses of judgement like this one would carry that sort of gleefully extracted price from every conservative politician.   But the Press Gallery has made a collective decision to spare this man any embarrassment. Most unusual.

In this video on the occassion of Mr Albanese's swearing in as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, his wife Carmel Tebbut is seated to his left.   It's Kevin Rudd's wife Therese with whom he seems more comfortable having a chat.


Finally these reports from the time show what happened, how the story was buried in the main media, my conversations with senior caucus members, how Labor people forwarded the DA documents on the Thai massage premises to me, my exhaustive efforts to have Albanese deliver the comment his staff promised and his final "No comment".