How did anyone survive this?
The final traffic camera tickets haven't even arrived and look what's already happening to sexism without Julia.

The Rudd is received by His Infallibility, Paul. Holy See, Potts Point, 7 July 2013

When in Potts Point, do as the Romans.

Papal slippers

The Rudd and family were received by His Pauliness for luncheon at the Holy See, Potts Point yesterday. After the kissing of the ring, The Rudd (beatification pending) emerged to Also Sprach Zarathustra - Einleitung - Karajan, Berlin Philhamoniker 1984 (is there any other version?) through the papal sound system. was there to capture the moment His Infallibility and the papal slippers momentarily graced the pavement outside.   Red paint was daubed over the papal lintel representing the stigmata The Rudd suffered to the back when temporarily cast out by The Godless.  

A grateful populace is now offered the gift of Pauliness Indulgences by sending money for a tasteful Franklin Mint guilt-edged travelling alarm clock with rotating photos of The Rudd. The sweeping second hand features a fearsome knife wielding red-headed Salome, constantly at The Rudd's back with platter in hand.

Paul slippers 1

Paul slippers 2

Paul slippers 3

Paul slippers 4