I'll be on 2GB with Alan Jones for a chat at 7.10 tomorrow morning
Shaz from Christmas Island with today's tally - 3 boats, almost 100% laptop/ipad owners

The Rudd practicing for when Australia is a one party state.

Imagine standing proudly on the forecourt of Parliament House, Canberra.   You're there with your family as guests of honour at an Australia Day ceremony where one of your relations is to receive a major award.   The military band and guard of honour march on in their slouch hats and uniform of their nation.   The urge to stand a bit taller as you look up at the Australian flag is irresistible and it's luminously lit in the January sun.   And beneath the flag, the Australian Coat of Arms with her Kangaroo and Emu never taking a step backwards - completing the Australian setting with dignity and the sense of Australia's permanance, unaffected by political or managerial stoushes.

Now add to that scene a huge painted political banner - the sort you'd see in Tiananmen Square.   It boldly promotes the achievements of The Party, with paintings of the faces of The Party's elder statesmen.

Make you sick?   Me too.   We have been very fortunate in Australia in generally having statesmanlike people who knew the difference between a time for being a Party member and a time for being the Prime Minister of Australia.

This is a case where the principle really does count.   It's a small thing but the message is loud and distinctly un-Australian.   The principle we apply in our system is that the resources of the Commonwealth, its money, management time, travel, support etc should be spent wisely and in the interests of all of our people.

In the internet-age, a website is a much more important showcase to the world than a physical office of last century may have been.   How the hell then can The Rudd and his staff be so disdainful of the whole of the country as to have the key message on the Australian Prime Minister's website devoted to an imagined demand by a grateful nation to be involved in the machinations of The Party.  

Not representative Government.  Not the political process.  Not even public service.   Poor grammar notwithstanding, Prime Minister Rudd's message from the Government is the clamour from its people to contribute to The Party.   Will you get a bit of decorum Kevin and staff?   We're not China. 

Kevin rudd Labor PM


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Very scary....


What a fruit cake Krudd is. I though the thief was a narcissist but I'm starting to thing the serial killer is worse! Must be a prerequisite to lead this able. The election will show this nut case where the exit door is. I think people are getting the gist of what this pasty faced pretender really is. And that is all show, no go!

Allan Cox

As I approach my septuagenarian age I never thought in my wildest dreams that I'd see the day that the PM of Oz would demean the office so disgustingly as this dud of a politician has done; I feel ill, and very depressed.

John the engineer

Be careful Michael. King Rudd may not like what you do or say and he is even more unstable than the previously unelected PM, Gillard. Watching this bloke, it is clear he has absolutely no morals, no ethics and will do and say anything to win an election.

How many people in public life would deny that the party they are in is responsible for their performance? Here, King Rudd wants us to believe that even the decisions he made as Labor PM has nothing to do with him. He even said that he has only been in the job for a few days and that Abbott hasn't achieved anything.

What a sad day for Australia. What a mess that we now need to pay homage to King Rudd who says he is now unable to be replaced after the election when he goes completely demented again? (Obviously the unions will throw him out win, lose or draw, but that's another story).

What sort of clown would wreck our country's future and current reputation like Krudd? Imagine a country where the leader is happy to say he won't so something today, then do the opposite tomorrow, then do the opposite the next day. Fair dinkum.

The Black Swan

The original Gang of Four in China.


Now we have Chairman Rudd's Gang of Four.

PS who is the woman on the left? She seems to pop up everywhere these days.

Old Rooster

Most Australian States were granted Responsible Government in the 1850s. Now barely a century after those States formed the Commonwealth we have degenerated to the point were we now have Irresponsible Government whenever we have an ALP government in power at State, Territory or Federal level. But now the KRudd really takes the biscuit. He must surely be the worst character of and most incompetent person to ever hold the office of PM. That is quite a distinction given the competition especially of recent ALP leaders.


These 3 links go to show nothing has changed. The same characters who miss out in one seat or vacancy in the Senate keep cropping up again and again. So much for democracy. Not to mention the threats, abuse and lack of transparency outlined in the first link.....

Allan Cox

Just sent 'our' PM an email to tell him that he's not my choice for PM;and, his inference that his proposed changes will allow all Australians to be able to vote for that selection is utter bullish.

KRudd is now even more delusional than JEG.

Country Liberal

Not enough has been made of Rudd's very Chinese Communist Party style of political leadership - all smiles and patronising platitudes on the surface, cynicism and brutality deep down.

Dennis Thompson

Would be Dear Leader KRudd has lost the plot, his union movement backers are desperate to keep the Abbott Coalition out of office, they fear what might take place, Royal Commission for example.

And they will sell what is left of their souls to a devil

Redneck Country Boy

Just waiting for KRudd to break out in Mandarin and call us all rat f******s


Good call Michael.

I wonder whose idea it was to have a nice big portrait of our 'Dear Leader' behind him at his Indonesian press conference.

I'm surprised he hasn't demanded such pictures are hung in every BER school assembly hall, town hall and courtroom.

It's a certainty that, given 'enough rope', he'll hang himself eventually.


As for the boats, this is what Rudd says now just before calling election.....
....he calls people smugglers 'merchants in death'.
Gee they're getting off lightly. Back in 2009 when a deadly boat blast occurred, Rudd said people smugglers should 'rot in hell' and are 'the scum of the earth'.....
....yet strangely enough, after over 4 years later, that gorge to the East of Jerusalem is still totally devoid of people smugglers. Even Sayed Abbas just got released.
YET the love media says nothing.


ps. Sayed Abbas has been detained again, but for how long? Until after the election here....
....another blank cheque written out until after August 31.

Liz of Vic


I so agree with you on this. When Rudd called one of thse first
press-conferences and he then announced the changes in the ALP-
rules, I thought the bl...dy b.......d who cares about his Party!
He then announced that the caucus would be called together to-day.
Do you know, that this get-together costs US the tax-payer $300.000 just for to-day, I would have thought they could have had the decency to pay for it themselves.

Honestly, does any of our smart bloggers know, how we could officially complain about this, I have been livid about all this
indecent use of our money.

Old Rooster

News is Duchess of Cambridge has been in labour for six hours. Not to make light of her condition but Australia has been in Labor for six long hard years. Most criminal sentences are shorter than that aren't they? At least she will have the joy of a child. The only baby we will be left holding will be over $300,000,000,000 of debt, a stuffed economy and thousands of illegal immigrants readying to take over the country.

john greybeard

zip heil !


I always thought that Gillard's command of the English language was poor, but that gobblydegook is so meaningless I really do have trouble understanding it. Is this the standard of education to which Liebor wishes us to aspire? And as for clamouring to be part of this farcical government...........


Here's what The Spectator UK thinks of Rudd...


The finger ! Just like that Chinese bloke from years ago.


Yep! "Today as never before" pretty much says it all. Never before has Australia been humiliated by such a clown.

Edward James

Is there nothing this rogue politician won't stoop to? Edward James

Maggie 47

The fact Australia could be left with Rudd for years is sure to lose Labor votes.

The shots of Rudd's press conference with Albanese behind him showed a nervous Albo. Something was not right. Could the caucus meeting have been more antagonistic than impression given?

Good to read Newspoll is not so good for Labor.


Australia lets this goon stand up and carry on like the idiot he is , making a total fool of himself , and the country, and not a single solitary thing is done to stop him
Is this country really this piss weak? Or am I missing a point somewhere.
Do the people here really give a stuff about their country, families, futures, etc??
If they do , they sure have a strange way of showing it .

Must be only happening in the blogs ,as you don't see , or hear much about it anywhere else.

seeker of truth

Slightly off topic but is relevant to party political advertising by the Rudd government, though not on his PM website.

With all the advertising by the Rudd government lately, it would appear that it is in breach of its own advertising guidelines.

Here is the link from the Department of Finance on these guidelines

I feel that the Labor government is in breach of Principle 3 – Campaign materials should be objective and not directed at promoting party political interests. Principle 3 is as follows:-

"Principle 3:
Campaign materials should be objective and not directed
at promoting party political interests

26. Campaign materials must be presented in objective language and be free of political argument.

27. Campaign materials must not try to foster a positive impression of a particular political party or
promote party political interests.

28. Campaign materials must not:
a. mention the party in Government by name;
b. directly attack or scorn the views, policies or actions of others such as the policies and
opinions of opposition parties or groups;
c. include party political slogans or images;
d. be designed to influence public support for a political party, a candidate for election, a Minister or a Member of Parliament; or
e. refer or link to the web sites of politicians or political parties."

28d would be the guideline that the government has breached. I know Senator Xenophon plans to lodge a complaint with the Auditor General about the government waste of money in advertising the people smuggling bounty and PNG solution on inappropriate media outlets (ie local radio stations etc). However, maybe he should be lodging his complaint also along the lines that it is blantant party political advertising and should be immediately withdrawn and the offending political party fined.

Now they are sneaks as well as cheats and liars.


Change the back ground - put him in suit with a high collar - and this pose with finger pointing, could be straight out of Tiananmen Square. Often thought he would look the part in a mandarin suit, and we have seen this kind of scene many times in the Square. With his command of the language and a son-in-law - he would/will feel right at home.


some time ago , I suggested that all States and territories secede from the Federation , this would leave the rudd without governance or power , as most States are Liberal , it would be a sound political stance and then , all Australians could rebuilt the agreement on how , or if we require a central government or just have all State Premiers sit in joint governance .

Wendy brown

This Man is Scary the Moon may affect his moods and reason
like they did the other Dear Leader Irrational policys
that only he can undrestand Who gave him the set of
coasters for christmas in July presant.he's used three
ther'es three to go more three inch by three inch policy
cards Dont worry about the beer ring on it he's pleasing
the greens reusing the Coaster.He hasnt got the room
to write to many policy words only room to sign and put (no
Boats To PMG no oui oui oui sign here) thats it all the room
used up.

Jeff of FNQ

Agree John.

My wife and I discussed this evening how he appears to have just wiped all the wrongs he did when PM from his mind.

Paul Sheahan wrote in the SMH yesterday what Rudd had said in relation to Howard's policies:

''Another great challenge of our age is asylum seekers. The biblical injunction to care for the stranger in our midst is clear. The parable of the Good Samaritan is but one of many which deal with the matter of how we should respond to a vulnerable stranger in our midst. That is why the government's proposal to excise the Australian mainland from the entire Australian migration zone and to rely almost exclusively on the so-called Pacific solution should be the cause of great ethical concern to all the Christian churches.''

He now doesn't seem to have any recognition to the fact that the changes to the policy he and Gillard implemented resulted in the deaths of so many people.

It's time for the mental health experts around the country to issue a united opinion on this man's capabilities to lead this country.


Appalling disrespect for the office of PM. It doesn't matter who is in the job, internal restructuring of their party is nothing to do with the position of PM. Are there no departmental guidelines for this? Probably not, as previous incumbents would not have had the audacity to abuse the privilege of our highest office so openly. As for speaking for 'all of us' - I have concerns for his sanity. He makes JG look restrained ....I can't believe this is happening.

Jeff of FNQ

I'm pretty certain from watching the news that they all arrived in Comcars.

Whilst it's no doubt to be expected for the PM surely the rest should have paid for their own transport to a Labor function.


Why are we paying for the travel and expenses for this get-together!!! It's an internal ALP gathering not a calling of Caucus together to discuss pending legislation or other acts of government business. Can you imagine the fallout if Tony had tried this! Where are the protocols BEFORE the money is spent - who the hell is authorising all of this. SO ANGRY.


Interesting photo of Kevin and the Kadashians.

Theme song written by Stealers Wheel "Clowns to the left of me/Jokers to the right/Here I am/ Stuck in the middle with you.


Poor fella my country.


Piss off Kev, the North Korean government model will not work here!

(we are too lazy to dance in the streets for anybody who does not play sports anyway)


Beam Me Up

He always was.

At least Gillard was just incompetent but didn't realise it, although the constant whining about gender was how she defended herself.

KRudd is a narcissistic megalomaniac who will take this country over the cliff with him, and still proclaim, Mussolini-like to the end, that he had nothing to do with it, it was all Abbott's fault.

Turnbull should be in the ALP, not the Liberal party. He is another one who looks nice and smooth on top, and I'll grant you he can mount a cogent and concise argument based on facts and figures that he actually understands (very refreshing!), but he's not really in the same camp politically. For him to replace Abbott again would be a mistake, although it may win the election for the coalition. As with KRudd, living with the aftermath would be a train wreck for the country.

Abbott's not ideal either. Any time he tries to be a politician he sounds dreadful. So much of the bullshit sprouted by the Gillard hate-mob under McTernan has stuck that the public simply doesn't know who Abbott really is. If ever there was a sound case to sue for defamation of character this is it.

Bottom line? We are in very deep do do, and I don't see how we are going to get out of it. This latest fiasco dreamed up by KRudd is yet another example of why we cannot afford another 3 years of this crappy government. A non-binding "arrangement" that will cost us billions that we don't have, that won't stop any of these people getting on boats, that will actually bring the country-shoppers closer to mainland Australian mainland - Insanity!! Yet on the surface this thought bubble appeals to the masses - yeah, let's send them to PNG, see how they like it there, build a few dongas on Manus Island, throw a bit of cash at the PNG government, keep 'em happy, she'll be right mate! That's what KRudd's appealing to.

Oh, and we can expect him to push 4 year terms with no remission as well. Bloody hell! Imagine 4 years of this crap! The country just wouldn't survive!

If enough of the the voting people of Australia are stupid enough install this twerp and his cohort in government, those of us who don't should not have to pay a cent in tax to support their stupidity and profligacy.


Never let a chance go by to blame Tony Abbott


"By aggressively talking down Kevin Rudd's new asylum seeker package, Tony Abbott is in danger of putting personal political interests ahead of the national interest and even ahead of the stated objectives of his own policy. It is that bizarre."

Up to their old tricks again, brazenly accusing the opposition of the very thing their messiah is guilty of. Thankfully the latest opinion poll out this morning shows that the majority of Australian's are not that easily fooled.

john greybeard

The only party this mendacious Prime Minister deserves is already in the minds of the electorate.

Old Rooster

As if a rapidly failing state could dump any of the problems of its own making on an already failed state.


That's the noose labor has put its head into, Maggie.
With no answers or success of their own, Labor has hitched their wagons to Kevin.

Each Kevie announcement, each Kevie arrangement has to now be swallowed or risk rebuke from Kevie and his now compliant MSM etc, etc.

Better still, watching the Emily list crew, (Penny, Tania) do Kevie's swallowing is particularly erotic for us nut jobs still plying our negativity.

Up The Workers!

Are you suggesting that he also harbours carnal desires for very large rodents - a proclivity he 'diplomatically' attributed to the Chinese Communist Leadership?

Up The Workers!

Good point, Denis.

Some years ago, A.L.P. M.H.R. Kelvin Thompson, famously gave a favourable written character reference for convicted heroin-dealer and multiple-murderer, Tony Mokbel when Mokbel was applying for a liquor licence.

If the country IS ever returned to competent and honest Government and Prime Minister Abbott DOES hold a Royal Commission into the corruption, embezzlement and blatant criminal behaviour in the union movement, you might see union and A.L.P. figures applying to Mokbel to return the favour by giving THEM favourable character references.

Dust to dust
And Ashes to Ashes.
When Libs are out,
The economy crashes!

Up The Workers!

Labor's standard of education?

Members of that party are so pathologically dumb, that they have been mis-spelling their own party name for the last 100 years, and STILL haven't corrected their original spelling mistake - and THAT's no hyperbowl!

LABOR - It has no room for "U".

Up The Workers!

Maybe Alwaysleazy is suffering after one of his well-publicised visits to the Marrickville "Rub-And-Tug" joint.

He did seem to "crab-walk" behind Kev Kardashian.

Perhaps a visit to the clinic might be in order?


Interesting read.

Could the LNP and the Greens become new B.F.F's now that the messiah has determined no further need for them?


There's a lot of votes there for a leader who is prepared to lurch to the left.

Christine M

Thank you for putting up the Spectator piece.

And a true picture of the gimlet-eyed despot. The picture tells the story.

Old Rooster

He'll probably stuff up the translation and call us rat faeces.😊

Old Rooster

The spelling was given to them by King O'Malley. An American fraud who posed as a Canadian to qualify as a voter and become elected to State and Federal Parliaments. Like some more recent examples he should never have been elected let alone become a Minister of the Crown. To this day it is not known what his real name and parentage was.

Old Rooster

It's not a proper Circus if you don't have some clowns. What was it Mencken said about running the Circus from the Monkey Cage?

FB of Perth

Abbott has been demonised by the media - never meet the man but he was a lifesaver, volunteer fireman, cycles during his holidays for thousands of klms for charity, works as a volunteer in Aboriginal communities every year. Yet the media idolises a man with no shame and no soul who changes policies for his own future
has not the guts to tell the people where the millions if not billions he is handing out all over the country is coming from.
Wants to send people who have come to our country for refuge to a hell hole because he opened the borders. Shamelessly uses these people in the endless ads now played to us on a daily basis so many times I have lost count millions of dollars more of taxpayers money wasted - the message is not about stopping the boats but to let us know what a great guy Kevin Rudd is. Sadly it says far more about the Australian people than anything else. Hopefully on election day enough of us who have seen the fraud that Rudd and his Government are will put our mark in the right box.

john greybeard

I've praised the bub now gotta zip.

Up The Workers!


John Hopoate?

He doesn't look Chinese, but nothing would surprise me these days.

Maggie 47

Here was me thinking the problem was political!!


Bernie 1 day ago
I have an anolgy of what I think is what has happened to politcal parties all over the world, and it goes like this.

When you see a big cow pie on the ground, what part of do yo want it to represent any political party of your choosing? Well just next to the part that you chose to represent you most disfavored party, is the party you favor the most, or it may be on the opposite side, or even underneath, as in the end, they are all part of the same piece of [email protected]%p!

Tony Bermanseder
Tony Bermanseder 5 minutes ago
@Bernie When you understand that all 'in power' political parties follow a Fabian agenda also known as collectivism; you will also begin to understand that those political parties literally 'hide' behind their controlleurs of globalism. Then the responsibility to make decisions on fiscal, economic and other grounds by congress-parliament-senate is delegated to the money suppliers. This can be named as the CFR for Council of Foreign Relations who control the worldwide Federal Reserve Banking cartel. In other words, the 'governing' parties in the western (first) worlds have been coerced and deceived to delegate their political responsibilities to their money lenders. The Australian 'debt' can never be 'paid back', as the 'printing of currency' (out of thin air without physical collataral) results in inflation in consumer goods and services, which is forcibly paid by the consumers with a then existing currency. The 'interest payments' so prove to be purely fictitious, albeit resulting in the dilution of the value of the currency.Edit (in 3 minutes) https://youtu.be/a-6RXPB9Zn4


Gday Michael Smith

Please consider posting content on

* Gab.ai - Free Speech Twitter ALT
* Minds - Free Speech Facebook ALT
* Bitchute - Free Speech Youtube ALT

Lots of Western Australian Men have lost faith in

It seems in 2015-2020 the ONLY people held accountable to the LAW are
NON LEFT/NON SOCIALIST Western Males that disagree with

Global LEFT Socialist Narritive
Poltical Correct

In 2019 unless Trump exposes and holds the LEFT, Dems and the corrupt held accountable

It seems we are on PATH to a global Western Civial war against ISLAM and the LEFT

Since in AU we now have ALL 3 major parties supporting the LEFT
Mainsteam culture and media is broken

I cant see goverments or system willing it fix it without radational change

Heck Western popuation is dropping
Christianity is dropping
Men are walking away from dating/cohabit/marriage

I am seeing a increased amount of people considering living
Off grid
and growing own food

At this rate I expect men to :-
* leave ALL jobs that have women in it
* leave CBD's
* Leave Metro regions
* Move to regional/country areas

Or look into moving to JAPAN or USA

Western Men are at our wits end
We have had enough

Regards Charliebrownau


How to fix crime arrest issues's

* Remove Duluth Model
* Remove Pussy Pass
* Remove Diversity
* Remove Inclusion

Hold EVERYONE no matter who you are accountable as an individual to the SAME STANDARD and SAME Sentence


How to fix Marriage in the west+EU+JP

* Fault divorce, not no fault
* One LAW for everyone with the SAME punishment for ALL.
* REMOVE Duluth Model from LAW+Courts+Police
* False rape and False Sexual Assault to be convicted
* Ban Abortion
* Remove Child support
* Remove Vagmony (Alimony)
* Remove forced 50% of other person's assets
* False rape/assault claim register database
* Kid goes to the BEST person
Not automatically to the mother

it will never happen
since women will actually be EQUAL & and ACCOUNTABLE


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