Bob Kernohan, elder statesman, in good times and in bad. A bit o' sssshhhh for Bob please.
Dear 408203 - just a couple o' good lookin' roosters in a ute.

UPDATED - Two men in the tower whose names will remain V1 and V2. Anytime now IL-76 Captain will be good.

UPDATED - For the congenitally insouciant - this is a video of an Antonov that was  prepared before. It did not take-off today from 'Straya to PNG.



Tomorrow you will see lots of photos of an Antonov taking stuff to PNG to house Kevin's People. It's a PR stunt.

The Antonov Ilyushin is a big bird.   But seldom does she use as much strip as she did here.

Classic quotes from Aussies in the tower.

The Vodka-Burner is rolling.

V1.  Rotate.   We Have Schmirnoff.

And after the bitumen ran out, the strip ended, and the hills came into view - "I hope I have enough film.........."