The Noel Heiner enquiry into complaints about the management of the John Oxley Youth Centre in 1989
UPDATED - LUNCHTIME - Chris McArdle, Craig Thomson's lawyer publishes the basis of Mr Thomson's defence to 179 charges, "We are able to find no evidence of fraud. No one has said he acted without his employer's permission."

When did the allegations about the pack-rape of the young aboriginal girl at John Oxley Youth Centre come to light



Chapter 3 of the Federal Parliament's committee report deals with the chronology of the first public reports about the rape of the young girl.

It's important to note that the Forde enquiry into the treatment of children in care in Queensland handed down its report in 1999.   It did not report on any evidence of sexual abuse at JOYC.

Kevin Lindbergh too seems to have learned of the reports of the rape of the young girl in 2004.

Heiner's brief enquiries took place in 1989/90.   It is wrong to say that the rape of the young girl was within the terms of reference or scope of Heiner's limited enquiries.   It's a tragedy that it wasn't but it's also apparently the fact.

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