Sir John and Lady Gorton visited our diggers in the Vietnam war-zone, Lady Gorton or Betty was a "First Lady" in so many ways as her grandson Ben remembers.
The Australian newspaper's Media section with my thoughts on ABC local radio Melbourne's Jon Faine

UPDATED You can lead the lady to Kevlar Kev, but you can't mess up her hair or her hijab.

As every gentleman in a warzone knows, the ladies get first dibs on ballistic vests, kevlar lined seats and carbon-fibre brain holders.

Rudd and rein

(Kev Djakarta?  Or did she go of her own Accord?) 

Kev's hand

We had enough Kevlar to go around but it was beauty before ballistics in Mogadishu.


(NB Mrs Smith is keen for you to know that this is not Mrs Smith)

And this is a little bit of video I took in Mogadishu before the camera guys told me to hold the iPhone sideways for best results!   Prize for the listener who correctly identifies the secret sound at about 50 seconds in.

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I did a bit of television for the SBS people today which will be on the SBS news tomorrow night, I had a quick chat with their producer for you today.