Customs trumpets steroid seizure at Brisbane Airport. Christmas Island, not so much.
Abbott's pledge in writing, Liberals will preference Labor above The Greens and there will be no minority government with The Greens. Good!

Al Shazeera reports HMAS Parramatta unloading women and children today, 14 August 2013

This from Al Shazeera today recording HMAS Parramatta live

Here are some of the clients HMAS Parramatta brought in yesterday, she went straight out overnight and back in this morning.  So photos from today later, here's more from Parramatta yesterday.

(Funny how we can locate vessels overnight, unload them at sea, return to port with PAX next day, but our PM says our Navy can't turn vessels back)

(He's got the look of fleeing persecution)

(Prosperous, mobile, jet-setting.   It's the Posh-Spice influence that the fashion conscious refugee in camps throughout Africa is looking for.  In days gone by it was the Peter Stuyvesant ad that captured it best.  Now, you'll find it on Christmas Island's jetty most days of the week.)

(London, New York, Paris - check the stamps in my passport.  Not that one I chucked, the real one that's being FedEx-ed to my Sydney address.)