Significant new material previously feared lost to surface in the Gillard AWU matter tomorrow
Our fishing industry. How much do you reckon it's worth?

From Craig Thomson to the Gillard media shut-down, a chronology of August - September, 2011

We've had great success together in teasing out new information to give us a more complete understanding of what went on in The AWU Scandal.  

We've looked in minute detail at some specific "events" in the frauds, for example:

  • the false registration of the AWU-WRA,
  • the discovery of the AWU Members Welfare Association frauds,
  • the negotiation and wrongful transfer of bogus redundancy payments to Wilson et al and
  • the correspondence between lawyers for Blewitt and Slater and Gordon

I would like us to concentrate now on a few weeks in July, August and September, 2011.

We can draw conclusions later, once we have as complete a picture as possible of what happened.   But I wouldn't expect anyone to devote their time or expertise to this pursuit without at least some insight into whether it will be worthwhile.

We are heading to an election.   New brooms sweep clean.   If an institutional element of our society is not operating as it should, the best time for a bit of constructive reform is when the "new brooms" take up office.

You've heard the calls for a royal commission on unions.   The left and the Gillard Government have spoken often of the need for further legislative oversight of the media.   Kevin Rudd has responded to the NSW ICAC enquiries into Labor figures by imposing new controls on the NSW Branch of the Labor Party.

Labor Party, Unions, The Media.   These were the 3 institutional players in the events of August - September 2011 that I'd like us to talk about.

At the very least, I think these few days will help us better to understand a pretty nebulous concept.

The public.   The public interest.   The public good.  What's public.  What's private.

Where does the private commercial interest of a commercial media organisation stop.   Where does its obligation to the public interest override it?

I have new material accurately recording what happened during those weeks.  You'll be able to see what's been concealed, what's been supressed, what's been changed and who did it.

I think we'll be the better for the examination and thanks for taking part.